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getting back into it

So yes, it has been more than three months than my last post, bringing up the question: what have I been doing since then?  Answer: nothing.   732 more words


Essential Listening

Not too long ago I shared a list of books - fiction primarily – that I have found to be essential reading in my development as a person, a leader and a teacher of leadership. 311 more words

Always Looking...

A while ago, I was listening to an episode of This American Life. I had to use Google to find the show because I couldn’t remember most of the show but I did remember one part of… 792 more words

Financial Forensics


I’m not sure if this works. I had to change my wordpress platform to a .org platform and I seem to have lost a lot of my wordpress.com followers. 39 more words


Thought on Ch. 7 of Book Love, but on a Saturday . . . or re-reading is good for you

Chapter 7 of Book Love surprised me. What Kittle is describing in the section “Analyzing the Craft of Writing” is something I think of as “close reading.” And close reading a writer’s work is something I only truly learned in graduate school. 316 more words


Bad Baby

Produced by: This American Life

As someone who has always seen themselves as a future parent, I can’t help but think about these stories. At one point, a woman explains that she has to consciously make the decision to love her son because of his behavior. 105 more words