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This American Life Helping With Break-Ups

Just listen here regardless.

And this is nice too. It’s in the podcast.


This American Life: #532: Magic Words

Hank says – Very good episode. The first segment has an interesting way of dealing with very past due debt. Something most of us won’t do. 132 more words

This American Life

This American Life: War on Religion

Here’s a shocker, I attended Catholic School for the overwhelming majority of my pre-collegiate academic career. My parents went without or made do with less so that my brother and I could receive the best possible education. 629 more words

This American Life

The Allure of Mean

I’m back on the road again. My pilgrimage past Davy Crockett’s birthplace and Dollywood has me listening to another podcast of This American Life, and this time the theme is “Mean Friends.” You’ve got to love being able to laugh out loud while driving through pop-up thunderstorms and trucks-in-left-lanes on windy mountain roads. 505 more words


Sleepless and Disgruntled

I realize now that I never loved him. I played at love, took on affectations of caring and closeness but it was all FAKE somehow. I still think about the guys and girl I was messing with earlier in the year, three of them in particular. 720 more words

This American Life: Yazidi's, The Secret World, & Our Failure

There is a preconceived notion that video games are destroying the fundamentals of American society and there is no evidence to support the belief that video game violence leads to real life violence. 530 more words

This American Life

Recommended Reading: Jon Ronson's The Psychopath Test

I tend to wonder strange things.  Often those are about how we even know things.  Like “what is normal?”  Is normal just whatever I would do or think?   465 more words

Recommended Reading