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How Not To Pitch A Billionaire, "StartUp" A True Behind-The-Scenes Podcast Mini-Series (and a really long blog post title!)

Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly-on-the-wall for the non-Hollywood-glamourized-behind-the-scenes-nitty-gritty story of starting a new business so you could learn from someone else’s real failures and their true successes so you could emulate, and as  necessary avoid, their footsteps?   177 more words


Be Careful What You Believe

I can personally say that I felt somewhat embarrassed as Ira Glass began to break down Mike Daisey’s arguement or monologue that we listened to last week. 483 more words


A not so simple majority: from this American Life

I just listened to a powerful story from the public radio program This American Life about the East Ramapo school district in New York State. The area’s demographics had changed as a result of increasing numbers of Orthodox Jews moving in and eventually voting to take over the school board. 101 more words

Work Related Issues

Blog 2- Art, Truth, and Lies

What is truth?  Lies?  Who gets to decide?

Montage of Daisey and Jobs from New York Magazine

Now things get complicated.  You heard This American Life… 430 more words


Ira Glass, Monica Bill Barnes, & Anna Bass at Town Hall

Sitting in the dark on Thursday night at Town Hall, radio host Ira Glass and dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass can be heard debating how to start their show. 577 more words



My friend is going to San Francisco so obviously I am jealous. Also, I am now craving toast. Why? Read this.

I made her listen to this story on… 123 more words


This American Life: Always Remember but Changes are Needed

Thirteen years ago America lost her innocence and her citizens have run scared since that tragic morning. Author Meg Cabot wrote a moving and eloquent piece about what it was like to be in New York City that morning, it will bring you to tears. 593 more words

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