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Tarred and Feathered: Help Wanted

by Luke Malone

There’s one group of people that is universally tarred and feathered in the United States and most of the world. We never hear from them, because they can’t identify themselves without putting their livelihoods and reputations at risk. 60 more words


This American Life: Does the President Understand Evil

The world is far from “tranquil” as the White House continues to insist, Iran is thumbing it’s nose at the world on the issue of nuclear power/weapons, Israel is defending itself against Hamas, Russian funded and trained terrorists have invaded Ukraine and shot down a civilian passenger jet, and here at home, our Southern borders are hemorrhaging immigrants. 364 more words

This American Life

Molly Ringwald watched 'The Breakfast Club' with her daughter. The results are charming.

Mondays are rough.

Summer Mondays? Well…

So here’s a little something to make your day brighter.

On a recent episode of ‘This American Life’ ( 107 more words



Hello Readers, it has been a minute since I posted something on here.  In the last few months I have graduated from school, moved from the mountains into the city, cared for my pup who underwent a pretty extensive surgery and started working full time.   1,235 more words

This American Life: Impeachment is the ONLY choice

The case for Articles of Impeachment has nothing to do with politics. The case for Articles of Impeachment is about upholding the rule of law in this country, regardless of the political implications for any political party in this country. 419 more words

This American Life

This Chicago High School has Suffered 29 shootings in the past year, yet the media has yet to talk about it

This feature on This American Life talks about Harper High School, a place riddled by gun and gang violence to the point where no one even discusses it and the media fails to report it. 341 more words

My Mistaken Identity

(Written in the style of a, ‘This American Life story,’ because it reminded me so much of something from that radio show- except that it happened to me.) 1,311 more words

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