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Serial: Sarah Koening On the Addictive New Podcast from This American Life

The facts are these: Hae Min Lee was killed on January 13, 1999. Her ex-boyfriend and fellow high school student, Adnan Syed, was convicted of the murder, and sentenced to life in prison. 1,335 more words

Reading Assignment 10/26

I have SO MUCH to blog about right now! Yesterday we had an “Un-Conference” at school and I had some really cool conversations with people in the education world. 249 more words

Biweekly Reading

Mind the Gap, but Don't Let It Stop You

You probably know Ira Glass as the host of NPR’s legendary This American Life. In this video, Glass explains – as only he can do – that when you first start out, the disappointment you may feel in your work is natural. 64 more words


Give Me the Straight Dope

General words of wisdom suggest everything in moderation, right? But I’ve got an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, steamy kind of dreamy need for podcasts. And I think my weakness might hover right on the edge of addiction. 1,086 more words


Serial, are you watching Serial?

Pun aside, watch Serial. Like, right now. Download it, Google it, find it and listen to it. It’s addictive, it’s mysterious, it’s fascinating, it’s storytelling art. 251 more words


Systemic Racism

So I was listening to the “This American Life” podcast today, one of the best podcasts running and it was talking about discipline in school. 221 more words

Non-fiction Writings

Who is an honest man?

So many fun things going on!  I’m dying to talk about my latest projects, but sadly I can’t say much at the moment. What I can say is that I think this is going to be my first real investigative piece. 489 more words