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There’s a goodbye party in my heart
And laughter in the corners of my eyes
And you will never see one of them
I will stand on tiptoe to kiss you… 95 more words

The world of niceties; a thing of yesterday.

Once upon a time you could speak to people with sincerity, patience and a desire to achieve understanding. I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I was a good communicator, that I could develop rapport with almost anyone and indulge in discourse. 90 more words

This And That!

Cancer and The Mind (Part 1)

As a Voice of the charity MIND, and someone who has suffered from clinical depression in the past – mental health issues are something I am very passionate about. 519 more words

This And That!

Watching and Listening To Yourself

Not to brag, and it will become clear that this is not a brag at all as this post goes on, but on Saturday I watched a screening of a film that I was in. 574 more words

This And That

this and that, here and there

If like me you enjoy reading books, fiction or non, you will already know that the way language is used can change your whole appreciation of a story or of information shared. 571 more words

General Interest



The name should have been self-explanatory but like all things on this earth it has gotten hi-jacked by many self-serving people and groups. 267 more words

This And That

Half a century ago.

Half a century ago, early in the morning this should have been two egg triplet was born. They discovered me when my mother had a miscarriage and my identical twin never developed as he should and parts of him has been removed surgically, from my buttocks :-) well just beside my tailbone tobe honest because it caused an inflammation. 649 more words

This And That.