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This is the last post here, I'll move tomorrow to my new address.

I should be singing Joy to the world the lord is come because it is soo much cooler today and we’re having a strong wind that is blowing through my cottage making it nice and cool too. 840 more words

Nature Photographs.

The calm after the storm!

I sit here now, in my balcony, high above the chaos called Mumbai, watching the rain tearing down for the 3rd consecutive day. A hot cup of coffee and a warm buttered toast sit beside me giving me comfort. 238 more words

This And That

In celebration - or - What do you want to know about fracking? - or - how to reach 1000 without even trying.

Has the title put you off? It’s a bit long, I admit. But if you are honest there is probably something there for everyone!

Here it is! 704 more words


Happy thursday everyone

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet, if you have read my previous posts you will know I have a high needs toddler and things have been a bit hectic! 140 more words

This And That

Meridian Rewind...

Meridian is here again!


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As the One Life team was preparing to leave and we were saying our goodbyes, the 32-member team from Meridian was preparing to come to the Mole! 962 more words


My husband is more to me than a living jar-opener

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past week, you’ve probably already seen the Women Against Feminism tumblr going around, or at the very least read about it. 892 more words

Heart And Mind

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Yes. This. A thousand times, this. I haven't been able to figure out how to write about this situation yet, because it perplexes me. I don't understand the backlash against a movement that has, without a major war, helped to level the playing field in everything from voting rights to education to what jobs are open to me. I'm confused by the suggestion that the work of feminism is "done," too, when there are still massive gender and sex inequalities that get even more complex when a person's race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, or geographical location marks them as different from the status quo.