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They have it on film!

Below 0C (32F) temperatures this morning and sunshine too. I would think that would give some nice rime on trees and bushes but to my disappointment it didn’t. 683 more words

This And That.


My son stops me in the kitchen doorway after dinner.

From 6 foot two, the words: I’m moving into a commune next year.

I’m proud of his independence, but I can’t take my eyes off the spaghetti sauce stain around his mouth.


Things we do for love...

I’ve been gone for a while. Upon my return here I’ve noticed a lot of activity oversees…specifically Brazil and Italy. I’d like to thank those readers for their continued support. 314 more words

This And That!

December 17th - Selfridges, Oxford Street London

Sooo once again I’ve managed to be last minute.com again, leaving my Christmas shopping to the week before Christmas, what planned to be a early morning productive shopping trip turned into a late afternoon stroll up Oxford Street, on the plus side I can now tick off 3 presents to purchase.


A night in the life of Watertown's finest

Recently police officers across the country have been in the spotlight. From MO, to UT, and yes even in our own community. Law enforcement around the country are constantly scrutinized for everything they do. 2,565 more words

Life In General

star field

yesterday, i found an amazing tutorial on blender nation about using the blenders viewport render glsl and their different methods to present transparency to make a finished render very(!) quickly… i tried following the first main video, and came up with this… render time almost nothing ,,, i even rendered a 120 frame camera movement through the nebula in less than 20 seconds… here just the first frame: