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Probably Smart

I was standing in line to get a slice of quiche at a friend’s luau-themed 40th birthday brunch. The friendly woman in front of me turned to make conversation. 146 more words

Talk Talk

Forty Is The New Forty

I’ve been thinking, as my 30’s wind down, how frequently over the years–the past five, especially–I’ve been met with some surprise over my age. This is not a humble-brag, or a “look, I’m still hip, I swear” sort of situation, nor does it have much to do with my face and the number of lines that are upon it.  257 more words


FWIW: This is 40 and Catharsis, and Stuff

Sadly, thinking about turning 40 is something I actually think about, a lot. Because in lickedly-split fashion, I’ll be a “young 40” as all my sweet friends and family say. 664 more words


Getting Closer

Every day that passes, I know I’m that much closer to the big 4-0. I’m also coming to terms with the idea of it being “just another day”, which leaves me feeling somewhat melancholy but I also feel like I’m being accepting and realistic.   886 more words


Film Review: 'Tammy'

A well-meaning personal project that never rises above the level of amiable mediocrity, “Tammy” feels like the kind of picture that can happen only when a major talent — here, the unsinkable Melissa McCarthy, who wrote the script with her husband and director, Ben Falcone — has amassed enough clout to try something different. 961 more words


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I love the comedic genius that is Melissa McCarthy and her fearlessness in the roles she chooses! I will DEFINITELY be supporting this new project this weekend! #tammy


Melissa McCarthy is funny. She was hilarious in 2011’s Bridesmaids and in last year’s The Heat. And she brings some laughs in Tammy. 258 more words