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The Problem with Losing Weight…

Don’t worry, this post is not going to be a woe-is-me, I’m skinny now and need to buy new clothes post.

Though, uh, none of my summer clothes fit, you guys, for real. 992 more words

This Is Real Life.


Life has really sped up with getting engaged and having our very own puppy. With all of this change, I started to loose touch with ME. 922 more words

This Is Real Life

This is why we can't have nice things:

We have kids. We have a family. We have a dog. We both work full time jobs.

Our house is always a mess, the never ending laundry of pile that is often spoke of in parenting blogs is VERY much a truth, and the dog is always chewing things up. 374 more words


i've come here...but i don't know what to do!

this is my first post. it serves very little purpose beyond letting me figure things out.

you’re great.

This Is Real Life

Open your heart...

Whenever we start to let our fears get the best of us, we should take a step back . The items listed below are five ways you can open your heart to the world. 214 more words

This Is Real Life