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Goldilocks had a good week.

Here’s the thing about life: sometimes it’s too much, and sometimes it’s too little, and sometimes it’s just right. We’re all secretly Goldilocks trying to find the right fit. 569 more words

This Is Real Life.

Police: Woman Lived Inside Michigan Walmart For Two Days

Living inside a Walmart sounds more like something you might see in a movie (actually, it is, if you’ve ever seen Home Is Where The Heart Is… 236 more words

How I Fell in Love with Video Editing

In my previous post I embedded a video that was my final for my Desktop Production 1 class at the Institute of Production and Recording.  While I was really excited to be putting audio to video, one thing that totally grabbed my attention was video editing.   454 more words

Forgive & Forget...or Not

I’ve been having an internal debate lately. Is it better to forgive and forget or will those who truly need your forgiveness never be forgotten? 742 more words

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