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Hej med jer ude i stuerne

Vi er to piger på hhv. 22 og 23 somre og tilsammen hedder vi Katelin. Den ene går meget op i at være følsom og den anden not so much. 802 more words

One Direction: This Is Us [2013]

God knows why I watched this but I saw it on Amazon Prime and thought I’d give it a go, see what all the fuss was about. 385 more words


Day 17

You should never let anyone control what makes you happy. Just because it doesn’t seem cool or seems silly you should own your happiness! One Direction makes me very happy! 96 more words


A Tuesday

My Lady just left, to go home not long ago.

My bed was left a battle ground of jumbled nail polish bottles, discarded cartons and rumpled blanket from our time. 590 more words

My Lady

Hello, Goodbye


That’s how it starts. So simple, so easy. I walk out the door and he’s standing there, waiting for me. First thing he does is pull me in for a kiss, as if he’s been waiting all day, all week for that moment. 540 more words

My Lord

Jeffy Obvious & Captain Blackout- This Is Us

Jeffy Obvious & Captain Blackout
This Is Us (Prod. By Jeffy Oh)
#WWJD: What Would Jeffy Do

*Download for FREE @ http://www.JeffyObvious.Bandcamp.com*

Jeffy Obvious… 29 more words