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Making a Makerspace: Top Five Materials in an Educational Makerspace

This is part four in my “Making a Makerspace” series.  You can catch the other articles here.

Makers use stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  855 more words

This Week In The Shop

Tool Primer: How to Finish your Project: Penetrating Oils

This is the second Tool Primer article on finishing your woodworking project.  You can find Part One:  Sanding here.

In this article I will discuss the finishes available for woodworking projects at most local big-box hardware stores.  735 more words

This Week In The Shop

Community Watch: TX/RX Labs' New Woodshop Build

In a few short years, TX/RX has grown from a small collective to one of the largest hackerspaces in TX, if not the US.  It holds spring and fall semester classes in all sorts of cool subjects:  computer programming, electronics, fabrication, crafts, art, etc.   88 more words