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Mon Grand Slack

I don’t get out of my city very often. I have a job that forces me to work weekends and I don’t get paid vacation time, so the cost of a weekend trip is often more than it’s worth. 1,053 more words

She's a Marshmallow...

I’ve gone on about fifty first Tinder dates in the year I’ve had the app. That’s more than the number of times I’ve seen my lifelong favourite band in concert (though not by much). 1,073 more words


I’ve been home from Dragon Con for a week now. While I managed to avoid the dreaded Con Crud (mostly by only eating protein bars and beef jerky) the trip home and the ensuing chronic fatigue and fibro flare landed me in the bed for three days. 263 more words

Random Babbling

007: You Only Live Twice

“Hi can we cool it on the hookup front? I have some feelings for someone I’m trying to work out.”

Goddamn I hate iMessage first thing in the morning sometimes. 517 more words