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ISIS blows up tomb of prophet

How far will ISIS go?

We’ve been hearing for quite some time now that they’ve been making their ventures throughout Iraq and their intent is Baghdad. 56 more words


Syria and Norway appearance

According to Oslo Militant Islamists with fighting experience may be planning an attack in Norway over the next few days.
A group of Norway militants who have combat experience in situations from around the world have become the biggest threat to the Nordic nation according to sources. 106 more words


The year

2014 has been a pretty shit year so far, and by looking at the state of the world, I am guessing not just for me. All the craziness with politics, war, loss of innocent lives, it’s just depressing. 28 more words


Lee Min Ki Akan Mulai Wajib Militer Tahun Ini

Pada tanggal 20 Juli, Go_od Management selaku agensi Lee Min Ki mengumumkan bahwa sang aktor akan mulai menjalankan wajib militer tahun ini.

Perwakilan agensi mengatakan, … 70 more words


protests break out in canada

If you’re viewing this site you are probably familiar with the conflict between Palestine and Israel.
The issue has been taken to the streets in some major cities in Canada such as Calgary and Toronto. 112 more words


Israel performs ground operation

Late last night Israel performed a ground invasion on the Gaza strip.
According to a IDF spokes person, the focus is the tunnels that lead terrorists into Israel. 10 more words


Is prophecy being fulfilled?

In this time we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled right before our very eyes.
We were following the battles between Ukraine and Russia for a little while there while there were still other battles going on. 933 more words