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This Day In Music History: Radiohead ends World War II

Radiohead ended World War II when Adolf Hitler had a nervous breakdown on his 56th birthday after hearing The King of Limbs for the first time. 72 more words


Toxic Rock Syndrome: Street Spirit (Fade Out)

I don’t know how it took this long for me to get to Radiohead on this blog*, but I figure it’s time to correct that error. 511 more words

Not So New Track - To Kill A King "Family"

“Family” is the sort of song that starts slow and sad, builds tempo and drives it home with lyrics like “The difference between a rut and a grave is an inch”.  172 more words


I Choose You: The List of Fruity Bangers

I like my music very fruity.  Todd Terje

Wit graet paowr cums graet sweg. – Spodermen

The trick’s dispelled and things look bleak and absurd. 1,040 more words


Opinion: Flogging a "Dying Corpse"

Photo credit: Rob Boudon / Foter / CC BY

Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, suggested that Spotify, the commercial music streaming service providing… 387 more words


Migrant Worker - The Super Now

Music in the ’90s wasn’t all that bad. Yes ‘manufactured pop’ was rife and we had to endure numerous boy bands and girl groups but what we cannot forget is the little gems that came out of the decade. 277 more words


April Fools Day 2014

This was a great April Fools joke. Those who read Digital Music News know that they do not support Spotify and Pandora. The opening statement saying that Daniel Ek decided to release this statement with the online publication was beyond funny and amusing. 333 more words