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Guatita de cumpleaños

Días atrás invité a unos amigxs para celebrar 4 cumpleaños en uno, incluyendo el mío. Entonces, tenía que hacer toda una fiesta que sea divertida y deliciosa. 493 more words


Dear Thom Yorke: Watch This And Let Miley Cyrus Cover 'True Love Waits'

I think Miley Cyrus did a damn good job covering Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds with the Flaming Lips.

I think Thom Yorke should get over himself and let her cover True Love Waits. 49 more words


A Late Night Think Piece About Miley Cyrus

By Shelton Bumgarner

It’s 3:26 a.m. and I can’t sleep, so you get this post.

My sister and I frequently debate Miley Cryus.  My sister is a devout Christian and she’s aghast at Miley Cryus’ behavior. 380 more words


Dancing appreciation post

How great is dancing? I love people so much more when I find out about dancing. I can’t even limit it to good dancing, because I find bad/strange dancing just as fantastic. 380 more words



Hey there!

So it’s been 4 successful weeks of blogging music for me, and it’s all good. It feels good to share music like this. 922 more words


MUSIC REVIEW | Radiohead – Pablo Honey (1993)

I first became aware of Radiohead at the same time that I assume most people of my generation did, with the single Creep. It was an almost novelty hit, with its car crash guitar bangs, and seemed like it was attempting to ride on the coat tails of grunge that had been gilded by Nirvana and Pearl Jam a year or two earlier. 417 more words