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Fear Clinic (2014)

Director: Robert Hall

Writer: Aaron Drane, Robert Hall (Screenplay)

Starring: Thomas Dekker, Robert Englund, Cleopatra Coleman, Kevin Gage, Felisha Terrell, Fiona Dourif, Brandon Beemer, Corey Taylor… 832 more words


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If the Shoe Fits… See It!

I remember Clifford Leech, a great scholar of Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, insisting that one of the more under-rated and under-known of Shakespeare’s contemporaries was Thomas Dekker and that this was a damned shame. 977 more words


Backstrom (2015) TV Pilot Review

Backstrom- An offensive yet brilliant detective tackles difficult cases with backup from his eccentric team, while also trying to manage his self destructive behaviour.

Warning there are spoilers ahead. 561 more words


Robert England and ‘Fear Clinic’ asks “What Scares You”

The film that was the buzz of TFW FEAR CLINIC is inching closer and closer to it’s release. Anchor Bay has decided to grace the horror world with a new clip from the film. 518 more words

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'Backstrom' series premiere recap: Rainn Wilson rides again

Season 1 | Episode 1 | “Dragon Slayer” | Aired Jan 22, 2015

There are plenty of gripping ways to open a brand-new police procedural. A wide shot of Rainn Wilson’s naked chest probably isn’t the first one people think of—but then again, Wilson himself probably isn’t the first actor people think of when they hear “misanthropic, down-on-his-luck detective,” either. 1,212 more words

'Backstrom' react: The Fox anti-hero trend continues

Fox loves protagonists who audiences hate to love, and at times, the prickly but brilliant anti-hero motif has been a huge hit for the network. House was a cornerstone of Fox for years, with smaller hits like Lie to Me lasting only a few seasons, and duds like Rake… well, even Fox has forgotten about Rake. 895 more words


BACKSTROM: Rainn Wilson Previews His New TV Series of a Detective Hell-Bent on Putting Criminals Away (2015)

Based not the books by Leif GW Persson and brought to television by BONES creator Hart Hanson, BACKSTROM is Fox’s new drama series of a prickly (or prick, depending on how you look at it) detective that will chase down every last criminal on the planet, if given the chance, and does not care who he pisses off in the process.  2,322 more words

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