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Building and Improving

As someone who was born in the late 80’s and raised in the 90’s, I often forget how different computer technology was. In elementary, my family bought our first computer. 567 more words


Oh Boy, Oh Boy, It's the 21st Century!

After listening to the SOTU address the other night, I’ve decided that If I had the dictatorial power to outlaw any adjective in contemporary English usage, it would be… 667 more words


Say It Like It Is

A rare exception for me–posting a Thomas Friedman article–but here goes.

by Thomas L. Friedman
January 20, 2015

….When you don’t call things by their real name, you always get in trouble. 118 more words


Beyond the Edge of the Map

In the beginning, the world was vast. Stories were told about sailors falling off the edge of the map since common belief was that the world was shaped like a disk. 806 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: There is a need for" News".

Dear followers:

The next step for me, is helping you “read the news”, without having to “graze” for it, like I do.  There is a real need to present the news, as it occurs, for your consideration and education.  398 more words

# Financial Times

Pierre Omidyar Bought Franklin Foer Twitter Followers

First Look Media owner and billionaire Pierre Omidyar may have been tight-fisted when it came to budget requests like cabs and office supplies, but The Racket, the First Look Media publication that never was, still secured some cash to finance their  439 more words