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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: There is a need for" News".

Dear followers:

The next step for me, is helping you “read the news”, without having to “graze” for it, like I do.  There is a real need to present the news, as it occurs, for your consideration and education.  398 more words

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Pierre Omidyar Bought Franklin Foer Twitter Followers

First Look Media owner and billionaire Pierre Omidyar may have been tight-fisted when it came to budget requests like cabs and office supplies, but The Racket, the First Look Media publication that never was, still secured some cash to finance their  439 more words

The Middle East realists: Old and new

by Richard Baehr
December 14, 2014

Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of ‎Government and Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago like to ‎call themselves foreign policy realists. 47 more words

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New York Times Columnist Line of the Day

If you frequent this here premier “web log,” there’s a good chance you may once or twice have read the New York Times op-ed page. You might even recognize the names of the columnists, who every day spout the most conventionally wise of the conventional wisdom. 107 more words


Destroying Islam from Within

One of the main objectives of the West’s war on Islam is to turn Muslims against their own religion. This is accomplished in many ways, including efforts to have decoys like Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam boys “ 489 more words


Festival of the Arts Boca to bring Sharks and Jets, flutes and Bela Fleck

The Jets are gonna have their way tonight…well, at least the night of March 6, 2015, as Festival of the Arts Boca ushers in a new lineup of cultural offerings with a screening of the Oscar-winning classic “West Side Story” with a full live orchestra. 79 more words


Do you have what it takes to be hired?

When our students/children begin their post-schooling job search it will without a doubt look/feel differently than it does today. The landscape of types of careers, companies hiring, and qualifications needed will have changed (multiple times over, even). 598 more words