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Moscow's Golden Arches: For Here or To Go?

By Hugo Spaulding

“People in McDonald’s countries don’t like to fight wars anymore, they prefer to wait in line for burgers— and those leaders or countries which ignore that fact will pay a much, much higher price than they think.” 786 more words


“No Victor / No Vanquished”?? That’s Progressive Naivety on Stilts

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By Jeff Rutherford

On August 8th, opinion journalist Tom Friedman interviewed President Obama for an hour about world affairs and U.S. foreign policy.  1,248 more words


Real-life consequences of Internet trolling

The Internet can be a scary place. It gives users the ability to connect effortlessly and anonymously to one another across vast physical distances. As Thomas Friedman said: The world is flat. 757 more words

Published Elsewhere

Meet the Jetstones. And they even liked Robin Williams.

by Mark Steyn
August 13, 2014

Further to yesterday’s SteynPost on the Aussie schoolboy and the severed head he’s holding , Sydney’s Daily Telegraph calls out Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on his bizarre warning that Australians  494 more words


President Obama tells NYT the only force that can really weaken us — is us

The president sat down for an extended interview with the New York Times’ Thomas L. Friedman that will be printed this weekend, and the two touched on a number of topics, including Obama’s foreign policy. 474 more words


New York Times Columnist Line of the Day

If you frequent this here premier “web log,” there’s a good chance you may once or twice have read the New York Times op-ed page. You might even recognize the names of the columnists, who every day spout the most conventionally wise of the conventional wisdom. 52 more words