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The Google guide to getting the most out of college

Google’s Laszlo Bock, who leads hiring for the company, has in the past (paywall) said that it puts less emphasis on finding graduates of prestigious schools, and that many of the most exceptional candidates have succeeded despite not having a degree at all. 630 more words

Thomas Friedman - The World Is Flat

“Thomas L. Friedman explains how the flattening of the world happened at the dawn of the twenty-first century.” He primarily cites globalization and economic interdependence promoting cooperation around the world. 50 more words

Hillary leans on Bill and Barack to sell presidency

Hillary leans on Bill and Barack to sell presidency

The Union ^ | April 15, 2014 | Byron York

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014 9:28:05 PM by 2ndDivisionVet… 419 more words

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Stop and Think About the Data You Create

I am typing this on Monday night; my wife is sitting across from me emailing on her computer.

We both are creating data.  And, this is happening in houses all across the world and in cubicles and offices.   208 more words

Make It Stop!!!!

Please, Mommy, Make It Stop!!!!!!!

Yesterday morning, author/columnist Thomas Freidman guested on Face The Nation and called for immediate action to address global warming/climate change/climate disruption.  652 more words

Ray Dunaway

Sheldon Adelson: The Worst Friend Israel Can Have

Boorish bigots, regardless of how rich they are, can prove to be more dangerous and destructive to the very people and causes they support than the enemies they seek to defeat.   978 more words

Hillary Clinton: 'Double standard' for women is 'alive and well'

Hillary Rodham Clinton wasted no words about how women in public life are portrayed: There is a double standard,and the media are at fault.

“The double standard is alive and well, and I think in many respects the media is principal propagator of its persistence. 208 more words