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Will Physician "Trust Platforms" Make System Affiliation Less Important? Considering Airbnb and Holiday Inn

In this week’s New York Times, columnist Thomas Friedman makes a great observation regarding the emergence of what he calls the “sharing economy.”  This is the peer-to-peer, internet enabled economy where ordinary citizens rent car trips and unused rooms.   686 more words


Our So-Called Foreign Policy: What Could Thomas Friedman Possibly Mean?

A question that should be asked more often by consumers of journalism and policy writing is “What could that possibly mean?” It will help them make the vital distinction between articles and studies and books that are actually worth reading because their arguments and proposals are reasonably tethered to reality, and those that are simply blather. 530 more words

Our So-Called Foreign Policy

Obama takes on Big Oil: Will the president’s final, radical climate push be enough? | Salon

Standing before University of California at Irvine’s graduating class this June, Barack Obama did something no U.S. president has done before: He stood up for climate science. 148 more words

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Conflict Watch: Why America Should Support An Independent Kurdistan

It appears Iraq and Syria, dubbed the “twins” by Thomas Friedman, probably cannot be restored to their previously defined borders:

There is much talk right now about America teaming up with Iran to push back the coalition of Sunni militias that has taken over Mosul and other Sunni towns in western Iraq and Syria. 855 more words

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Fun with Language

Word transformations:

“ Twitter was a sound, the cloud was in the sky, 4G was a parking space, Linkedin was a prison, appkications were what you sent to college, and for most people Skype was a typo.” – Thomas Friedman on… 18 more words

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What Friedman Fails to Ask: Where is the US?

I’m pretty sure Thomas Friedman’s most recent column in the New York Times was almost entirely meant to be a way for him to subtly brag about how he recently gave the commencement speech at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani in Kurdistan. 269 more words


Dystopia vs. the Braintrust: Tech's literal choice


UPDATE: My teaching colleague Brent Friedman and I decided to choose both books for our class. Brent is a successful Hollywood sci-fi writer, transmedia storyteller (especially for the Halo series), and now mobile network platform startup co-founder. 867 more words

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