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From Jefferson to Genomics: The Quest for Ancient Environments

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s most recent book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History (2014). At an early stage, Kolbert brings in French naturalist Georges Cuvier, who recognised the possibility of extinction on a significant scale. 990 more words

The One Page of the Bible I'd Like to Rip Out

I’m certainly not the first person who wanted to abbreviate the Bible. In the early church, a heretic named Marcion gutted the entire Old Testament as well as any verse in the New Testament that had a whiff of the old covenant about it. 1,219 more words

Theological Reflections

Liberty 87

This week ’s founding father quote is from Thomas Jefferson, written to John Adams in 1819. It continues with this week’s theme of CHANUKKAH/UMWIDMUNG/REDEDICATION, in that it talks about being committed to truth in order to be safe from error; it reads: 92 more words

Today's Founding Father Quote!!

Joseph Coppinger 'of Midleton' and two American Presidents

Sometimes it really pays to simply snoop around on the web.  And a couple of nights ago I came across something that astonished and surprised me. 1,289 more words


People on Younow are More Likely to Behave Themselves Because They Act Like the World is Watching Them

It’s called the effect of third-party observers. When we feel that we are being watched, we tend to act differently. Crime goes down with people who think there are witnesses around. 129 more words

The Imperious Presidency: An Executive Order By Any Other Name...

Another Liberal Defense for Petulant President Pantywaist’s Imperious Presidency has been shot to Blazes.

USA Today reports that…

President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history — using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders.

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