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Churchill on Islam

Why do I ask you to read this? It is understood that we must remember history or be condemned to repeat it. America has been at war with the Islamists since the birth of our nation. 971 more words

Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, Held at Philadelphia, May 10, 1775. Philadelphia, 1775.

As presented in the January Bauman online catalog (PDF)

“Our Cause Is Just: Our Union Is Perfect… Resolved To Die Freemen, Rather Than To Live Slaves” 466 more words

John Adams

The Midterm Elections and the Rural-Urban Divide in U.S. History

Ah, the American press. The third estate. Delivering the hard journalistic facts to an information-starved American public. Okay, so those are the ideals that the more idealistic fools among us would wish upon American journalism. 1,809 more words

September 21 1814: Thomas Jefferson Offers to Sell His Library

Jefferson thinks. Too bad the Library of Congress burned down. But hey I have LOTS of books and even more debt. SO KA-CHING! — Sept 21 1814…

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1940s America - The Start of Small Town Decline

All across the country, small towns are suffering. Once the heart of the American experience, these places have been losing their populations to larger urban and metropolitan centers for the past several decades. 828 more words


What books should a lawyer read? - Thomas Jefferson, 1790

From Thomas Jefferson to John Garland Jefferson, 11 June 1790

 It is a general practice to study the law in the office of some lawyer. This indeed gives to the student the advantage of his instruction.

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