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Education Reform, Part II

One of the original purposes of public education was to create better citizens.  That purpose seems to be lost today.  In fact, schools now try to undermine loyalty to the U.S. 508 more words

陶傑 – 唸口訣




首先,暗殺和偷襲,在英語世界,是陰暗卑瑣的行為,英國講紳士精神,競技場上的Fair Play,應用在生活裏。與仇敵光明正大的決鬥,請評判站中間,雙方持鎗,背道而行,一聲令下,才向政敵開火──決鬥要講公平的規則,英語世界的紳士精神,為何是如此重要的文明?因為紳士原則,就不容偷襲暗算的小人和流氓。


NY Times Mistook The Philippines A Vassal Archipelago Of The U.S.

Some 8509 miles from across the globe, New York Times counseled President Benigno Simeon Aquino to step down from power after  2016 because the fragile democracy in the country is in peril if he amends the constitution to   run again and to clip the powers of the Supreme Court. 767 more words


Borat Sagdiyev Speaks to the Oklahoma City Traffic Commission

Using the Borat Sagdiyez character, British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen  gave a speech to the Oklahoma City Traffic Commission about women’s rights, free speech, and nervousness.   1,807 more words


Miracles, Schmiracles!

I went to Catholic primary and secondary school. Being a non-Catholic and something of a free-thinker, I occasionally caused my Religion teachers grief.

One such occasion was the result of a multiple choice test question: 629 more words


The Trouble with Quotes on the Internet

by Kate van Liere.

A few weeks ago a bumper sticker caught my eye on a pickup truck in a Best Buy parking lot. It read, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have. 1,518 more words

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