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Searching for beauty

Thought the quote from my calendar today was worth sharing with everyone :)

“If you want beauty in your life, you simply have to go outdoors from time to time”. 19 more words


Office hours this week / exam 3 ready for pick up

    – I just received a delivery to my office of the graded exams, so if you want to come by and pick yours up, I’ll be here for a while — probably past my bedtime. 370 more words

I was drawn that way.

So I actually have a very good reason for not updating recently! I have been sick for a week. I thought it was allergies for a couple of days, and then realized it was not :( I kept trying to sew and am quite proud of what I accomplished, but honestly there were times my eyes were so watery that o literally could not see clearly enough to stitch! 383 more words

I had socks for lunch.

The Stitch:

The other day I had a terrible dilemma…my needle broke!!!

I was quite heartbroken because I didn’t think I had another one…which was dumb, as my sister reminded me, because I have 4 more kits that come with needles :D Oops… 279 more words

Your heart is the strongest of weapons.

The Stitch:

My finger obtaining the callus is hurting from tightening my hoop, so I left it hooped tonight.  I’ve been getting the bottom left corner done! 405 more words

Sometimes people can't be fixed.

The Stitch:

This is end of week 11! I think I’m slowing down a bit :( but any progress is good progress! As long as I can see a difference, I am motivated to keep going on :D… 366 more words