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Layered art

I just realized that I can create art by painting or drawing in layers, like Tibetan sand paintings. I saw a Thomas Kinkade painting with beautiful light in the windows. 140 more words


Dining Room Done-Over

Happy Sunday Everyone! As promised, here is the reveal of my “Dining Room Do-Over”! It took almost two weeks to complete and now it’s finished! 506 more words

Killer Tooth.

So of course after having a tooth abcess… I realize the tooth has to come out.  Holy fucking painful.  Apparently to take out a tooth with an abcess it takes double the anaesthetic,  which wears off twice as fast. 186 more words

Journal Entry: November 8, 2006

(In 2006-2007, I embarked upon a journey to the other side of the earth, New Zealand and the Kingdom of Tonga.  I am reliving that journey in my early twenties through correspondences with friends and family as well as personal journal entries.) 281 more words


Star Wars invades Thomas Kinkade

Warning, inappropriate materials for devout Star Wars fans.

Have you ever imagined how would it look like, if Darth Vader decided to invade the world designed by Thomas Kinkade? 13 more words


And Daddy, they took my boot!

The Stitch:

This would be 23 weeks since I started my resolution. I know there’s still a lot to do but I’m feeling really good about how far I’ve come. 321 more words

If I Had a Nickel....

If I had a nickel for every person in my life that has told me that I should sell my artwork, I wouldn’t bloody well have to. 410 more words

Complaint Department