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Kelly McParland: Senate offers Harper a route for Elections Act retreat

Canada’s Senate, scene of so much trouble for the federal Conservatives over the past year, has seized an opportunity to redeem itself, offering a face-saving means  1,145 more words

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Flaherty's state funeral: Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair to attend

OTTAWA – Parliamentarians and political VIPs are preparing to head to Toronto this week to attend Jim Flaherty‘s state funeral at a downtown Anglican cathedral. 219 more words


Lunch with NDP director Anne McGrath: on Tom Mulcair's humour, Trudeau's 'inconsistencies,' and Conservative scandal

OTTAWA – For the New Democrats, the 2015 federal election will be all about Thomas Mulcair.

And so for Anne McGrath, the veteran organizer brought in to run the campaign, that means showcasing the loquacious leader’s lighter side. 1,430 more words


Robert Fulford: Mulcair says the wealthy can't empathize with the poor. He should read some history

Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the NDP, has explained why the leader of the Liberal party can’t possibly create a humane and generous government for Canada: He had the wrong parents. 900 more words

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Like Jack Layton's Passing, Jim Flaherty's Death Exposes the Worst Among Us

The Far Left Proves it can be just as shameful as the Far Right in Canada

By: James Di Fiore

When Jack Layton died his legacy was such that many people who did not share his politics felt the deep sadness one feels when a member of the family passes away. 388 more words

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