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Quebec Liberals losing support in the polls

Support for Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and his Liberals is slipping even if many of his government’s austerity measures are popular, a new poll shows. 617 more words

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Full Pundit: Thomas Mulcair's gun registry 2.0 — new and improved!

It’s baaaaack
The long-gun registry stands as “an almost perfect symbol of rural and small-town alienation,” Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt argues. He can only assume Thomas Mulcair and his advisers were aware of this when the NDP leader announced this week, out of the blue, that he would revive the registry in some form or another. 693 more words

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Calgary honours Montreal victims 25 years later

Janessa Bretner doesn’t remember how old she was the first time she heard about the 1989 massacre in Montreal.

“I do know that I couldn’t believe something like this could happen in my own country,” says the third-year biology student at the University of Calgary. 650 more words

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Why does Thomas Mulcair hate children? (Video)

The NDP leader wants to ban junk food ads to kids. With its own ad, the National Post editorial board responds.

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Canada's Justice Minister called out over Montreal Massacre comment

Watch: Heated exchange in House of Commons over Montreal Massacre

MONTREAL — As Canadians prepare to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the murder of 14 women at the École Polytechnique, a twitterstorm of controversy took place over remarks made by the country’s justice minister. 564 more words


Kelly McParland: Mulcair plays politics with gun laws on anniversary of ecole shooting

If nothing else, the timing of NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s renewed interest in a national system of gun registration is worthy of note.

His remarks – that the NDP would revive registration, without necessarily reviving the registry – came just before the 25th anniversary of the… 769 more words

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Why 2015 Election is not a done deal

The 2015 Election is not yet a done deal. So far I have met three people, three people (won’t mention any names here), who actually believe that the 2015 Federal Election is a done deal. 679 more words