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Mulcair maligns feds for health care cuts

OTTAWA – NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is chastising the Conservatives on their proposed cuts to health care while accusing them of politicizing the debate on marijuana. 150 more words


North Coast no place for supertankers: Mulcair

VANCOUVER – Touring the Douglas Channel on British Columbia’s North Coast has convinced federal Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair it would be “pure madness” to allow supertankers carrying raw bitumen to ply the narrow passage. 273 more words


Kelly McParland: Summertime, and the news is all about Justin

The news from Ottawa is all about Justin Trudeau.

• Someone broke into Justin’s home while his wife and children were sleeping, and left a bizarre and disturbing message. 742 more words

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Israel and Gaza in context

Since Israel’s military operation in Gaza commenced in earnest, the party line among western politicians and corporate news media has been a familiar one: Israel has the right to defend itself against rocket attacks originating in the Gaza Strip. 7,333 more words

National Post editorial board: Elizabeth May's 'engaged neutrality' on Hamas is just another brand of moral relativism

In December 2013, when Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May was joined by Bruce Hyer, who’d left the NDP in 2012, many Green supporters believed their party was on the cusp of becoming a mainstream national institution. 768 more words

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Backstory: The "Anti-Zionist" mob turns its attentions to Green Party president Paul Estrin

As has been obvious for some long while now, there is a debilitating strain of “anti-Zionism” coursing through the arteries of the Canadian Left. It’s so toxic that reputable institutions like the New Democratic Party have ended up with no alternative but to resort to a policy of quarantine, and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is to be credited for his most recent efforts to inoculate the NDP caucus and the party’s candidate list with an antidote policy: 990 more words


John Ivison: Tom Mulcair brings NDP a new maturity over Israel

Israel has always been the litmus test by which to measure the degree of lunacy emanating from Canada’s left-wing.

Back in 2002, when former MP Svend Robinson was the NDP’s critic on the Middle East, he issued a pro-Palestinian manifesto that justified taking sides – “life over death, peace over war, justice over tyranny and dehumanization, the oppressed over the oppressor.” 596 more words

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