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Liberals maintain 7-point lead over Conservatives and Canadians want change: poll

OTTAWA  – Canadians continue to favour Justin Trudeau’s Liberals over Stephen Harper’s ruling Conservatives – and a majority think it’s time for a change in government, according to a new poll. 551 more words


Kelly McParland: Change that's ready? Thomas Mulcair's first pledge sounds more like 'same old NDP'

As the first bit of proof that his New Democrats offer “change that’s ready” (as opposed to the Liberals’ “Vote for Justin and we’ll fill you in later” platform,) Thomas Mulcair chose an odd example. 854 more words

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper to deliver jobs, economy message as Parliament resumes

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to address his MPs in a public speech Monday that seeks to reassure supporters that Conservatives will continue to govern as the unofficial 2015 election campaign kicks off. 207 more words


Can Voters Trust Thomas Mulcair?


This is a fine and right idea, long overdue but it will not win for Mulcair votes that are not already committed. It smacks of the tired socialist past that so many voters, these days, fear. 345 more words

The right to freedom of conscience and the NDP and Liberals.

Since both the NDP and the Liberals will not allow anti-abortion candidates to run for their respective parties, I suggest we need a new progressive party that will. 256 more words

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Kelly McParland: Mulcair fusillade signals year-long election push, Canada's latest U.S. import

Stephen Harper is sometimes credited – or perhaps “accused” is the proper word – with bringing the perpetual election campaign to Canada. Now he has a new recruit: Thomas Mulcair. 899 more words

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Mulcair steps up attacks on Justin Trudeau

It’s open season on Justin Trudeau, with the NDP now joining the Conservatives in attacking the front-running Liberal leader.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says Trudeau is offering Canadians nothing but empty platitudes and is a political greenhorn who’s not ready to govern. 112 more words