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Thomas Nagel's natural teleology

I recently read Thomas Nagel’s mercifully short Mind and Cosmos — mostly just to see what all the fuss was about — and one of the weirder lines of enquiry he pursues concerns what he calls the ‘historical problem of consciousness’.  971 more words


Mind as Klein bottle

Louis Jones in Threepenny Review:

This picture of a self-purposed universe blossoming in empty time-space makes me think of a Klein bottle, one of those fanciful geometric objects like a Möbius strip illustrating a topological paradox. 187 more words


We Regret the Delay

My apologies for the delay in my (I am sure much anticipated) series of posts on Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos; as is so often the case, life has intervened and re-arranged my priorities significantly. 109 more words


distressed astronaut

“The point is… to live one’s life in the full complexity of what one is, which is something much darker, more contradictory, more of a maelstrom of impulses and passions, of cruelty, ecstasy, and madness, than is apparent to the civilized being who glides on the surface and fits smoothly into the world.”
― Thomas Nagel