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We Regret the Delay

My apologies for the delay in my (I am sure much anticipated) series of posts on Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos; as is so often the case, life has intervened and re-arranged my priorities significantly. 109 more words


distressed astronaut

“The point is… to live one’s life in the full complexity of what one is, which is something much darker, more contradictory, more of a maelstrom of impulses and passions, of cruelty, ecstasy, and madness, than is apparent to the civilized being who glides on the surface and fits smoothly into the world.”
― Thomas Nagel


S&F Nagel's Bat!

So… this week’s S&F took a convoluted path.  I have been (trying to) read Camus’s Myth of Sisyphus and was ranting about how perplexed I was by certain passages. 205 more words

Simon And Finn

İlham Dİlman'ın Mutluluk Üzerİne Düşüncelerİ

                                                                Bildiğimiz şeyler arasında bir düzen arıyoruz ki                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              bilip de gözden kaçırdığımız şekilleri tekrar seçebilelim.

Felsefe Tartışmaları’ndaki 1990 yılı yayımlı makalesinde, okuyucuları mutluluk üzerine felsefi bir sohbete davet eden İlham Dilman hepimizin bildiği şeylerden bahsedeceğini ve bize yeni bir şey söyleyemeyeceğini belirterek yazısına başlıyor. 2,254 more words


Not yet converted – An Unbalanced View

Where might you be at the end of your part-time Philosophy MA conversion course? What will you have discovered?

While I wait for the results of my exam to see if I will be allowed to take my full vows for the real thing, I thought it might be interesting to see what I think about it all. 504 more words



In his introduction to the latest edition of Robert Nozick’s book, Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Thomas Nagel says the following:

If some flourish and others are left behind, there is nothing wrong in that, nothing that the state may use its power forcibly to correct.

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Reproductive technology and the abolition of man

Andrew Sandlin’s website recently featured a column by Scott Masson relating reproductive “innovations” like the ones in this column (which he referred to; here’s another recent example… 782 more words

Sanctity Of Life