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The Value of Luck

How do humans respond to both positive and negative stimuli? During time periods when we have a sense of confidence about our skills, abilities and experiences, we can fall into a habit of taking for granted that all effects in life are caused by us. 564 more words



For your enjoyment, a few quotes from Thomas Nagel, the philosopher of consciousness who famously asked “What’s it like to be a bat?”  (His answer:  we’ll never know.) 196 more words


Book One: The Invasion

Applegate, K.A. The Invasion. New York: Scholastic, 1996.

Blurb from the back: “Sometimes weird things happen to people. Ask Jake. He could tell you about the night he and his friends saw a strange light in the sky that seemed to be heading right for them. 2,182 more words

Thomas Nagel's natural teleology

I recently read Thomas Nagel’s mercifully short Mind and Cosmos — mostly just to see what all the fuss was about — and one of the weirder lines of enquiry he pursues concerns what he calls the ‘historical problem of consciousness’.  971 more words


Mind as Klein bottle

Louis Jones in Threepenny Review:

This picture of a self-purposed universe blossoming in empty time-space makes me think of a Klein bottle, one of those fanciful geometric objects like a Möbius strip illustrating a topological paradox. 187 more words


We Regret the Delay

My apologies for the delay in my (I am sure much anticipated) series of posts on Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos; as is so often the case, life has intervened and re-arranged my priorities significantly. 109 more words