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Thomas Paine & Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin said to Paine, “Where liberty is, there is my country.”

Paine answered, “Where liberty is not, there is mine.”


The Age of Reason - by Thomas Paine

The Age of Reason represents the results of years of study and reflection by Thomas Paine on the place of religion in society.

Paine wrote: “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst; every other species of tyranny is limited to the world we live in; but this attempts to stride beyond the grave, and seeks to pursue us into eternity.”



Liberty 75

This week ‘s founding father quote is actually 2 because I could not between them. Both are in keeping with the CHAZAQ/FORDERUNG/ENCOURAGE theme and rightly express what we, as a People, Nation, and World are experiencing today. 336 more words

Today's Founding Father Quote!!

Thomas Paine: IT Legend of the 70s (1770s, that is)

by Carl W. Hunt

In the 21st Century, we “moderns” tend to view technology, and most specifically information technology, as both the harbinger and the facilitator of a revolution in life. 1,519 more words

Connected Age

Evergreene Digest: This Revolutionary Moment

  • As we’ve covered in previous newsletters, there are now academic studies that demonstrate the lack of democracy in the US and that the government functions as a plutocracy that represents the needs and wishes of the wealthy elite.
  • 431 more words

Consumer or Creator?

A great many cons have been played on the unsuspecting majority of the world throughout human history. Great cons have had the means and the opportunity to exist because an exchange takes place. 473 more words