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Day 115: Jersey to Sark

‘If something went wrong we’d say “10% off crabs and lobster!” Then I’d call the boss up and say stick an extra fiver on the shellfish.’ 3,787 more words


Blogging Challenge: Week 1

What should be considered “essential” curriculum in any discipline?

I like to think my first job, even before teaching my students the English curriculum, is to help the kids to become good people.   657 more words

The Wonder Of The Cinema

Reclaiming Independence through Independents

Or: We’re Sick and Tired of Common Sense Ideas tossed off as “non-starters!”

October 17, 2014 could have been a bit of a watershed for readers of the Washington Post. 1,078 more words


from Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

Lay then the axe to the root, and teach governments humanity.  It is their sanguinary punishments which corrupt mankind. In England,  the punishment in certain cases, is by hanging, drawing , and quartering; the heart of the sufferer is cut out, and held up to the view of the populace. 117 more words


Roused to Action

It used to be that words had power. They still do, but try to recall the last time you were roused to action by speech. Not a command to do something or because of some compelling duty, but by a passionate argumentative plea. 1,044 more words