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Liberty 84

This week ‘s founding father quote is from Thomas Paine and deals with the theme of this week BEKEH/WEINEN/WEEPING, and reads:


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5 Things I Learned While Writing World of the American Revolution: A Daily Life Encyclopedia

I’ve been in hyper-writing mode for the past few months. My days—and nights—have been consumed with writing. I would begin writing early in the morning, take a break to go to the gym (a spin class or boot camp class—something to make my heart pound and my body drip with sweat), and then go back to my keyboard for the rest of the day. 909 more words

The Rosetta shirt

I can’t resist writing a post about “shirtstorm”, the drama about the Rosetta guy and his shirt with cartoons of scantily-clad women. Humans have just landed a robot on a comet! 600 more words


Thomas Paine

” Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle, is a species of vice. “

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Brad's Book Club!

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while–seven months to be exact. Since returning from Uganda I’ve been home trying to piece together a life and future. I think we’ve all been there, and if not then you can expect to have a .X–life crisis at some point in your sojourn on this Earth. 225 more words