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As a nerdy book-loving undergraduate, I often brought literature to the UW-Madison Union terrace to read lakeside whenever the weather cooperated. The iconic terrace furniture consists of rigid, straight-backed metal chairs and metal tables tilting on three of the four feet rooted from a single pole. 897 more words



I find that myself thinking less about loan debt the more time goes by. Because it’s not really on me, you see. The costs of education have ballooned to the point where you would have to be either Mitt Romney or a redheaded lesbian Olympic skater in order to get the inheritance or scholarships necessary to get out of college debt-free, so I’m trying not to worry overmuch about the fact that my debt is almost $2,000 larger than it was when I graduated simply due to interest. 1,132 more words


Joaquin Phoenix stares down Josh Brolin in first 'Inherent Vice' image

There are a million reasons to look forward to Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice: 1) It’s a new freaking PTA movie. 109 more words


Balloons, cowpokes and drugs - Against the Day - Thomas Pynchon

Against the Day – Thomas Pynchon

A sprawling read, Against the Day is a romp through styles, politics and countries, not all of them real. It’s a little loose, more than a little all over the place but it also ranks right up there with his best, both for its insights into late-stage capitalism and for sheer enjoyability. 760 more words


“Endless war as an inevitable condition of modern life”

The Great War and Modern Memory
Paul Fussell
Oxford University Press, 1975

I am tempted to say of Paul Fussell what Kingsley Amis once said of George Saintsbury, that it was impossible for him to write anything uninteresting – tempted, but ultimately not compelled. 708 more words


A Taste for Vanilla


I want you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you, even when I don’t know you or don’t know you’re looking. 4,925 more words

Social Interventions

Due is megl che uan

Soffro di questa strana forma di letargo estivo, anche conosciuta come pressione bassa. Il risultato è che se mi alzo a far qualcosa, dopo cinque minuti sono di nuovo sul letto, o sul divano, o sul divano su cui non arriva il sole, e crollo in pochi secondi. 974 more words