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Lost Angeles

Inherent Vice (2014) Dir – Paul Thomas Anderson

Shaggydog stories… How will this play out? Likely, you will be the chump, chump. For what? Momentary pleasure, brief cheap thrills. 232 more words

Grape People and Grain People (Pynchon's Mason & Dixon)

Mason, having expected some shambling wild Country Fool, remains amiably puzzl’d before the tidied Dixon here presented,— who, for his own part, having despite talk of Oddity expected but another overdress’d London climber, is amus’d at Mason’s nearly invisible Turn-out, all in Snuffs and Buffs and Grays.

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magic, anonymous and malignant

“Such a captive maiden, having plenty of time to think, soon realizes that her tower, its height and architecture, are like her ego only incidental: that what really keeps her where she is is magic, anonymous and malignant, visited on her from outside and for no reason at all.” 6 more words


Inamorati Anonymous

“The pin I’m wearing means I’m a member of the IA. That’s Inamorati Anonymous. An inamorato is somebody in love. That’s the worst addiction of all.” 6 more words


Inventing conspiracies for fun and profit

Note: Since I’m taking a deserved break for Thanksgiving, I’m reposting a few popular posts this week from earlier in this blog’s run. This post was originally published, in a slightly different form, on December 19, 2012. 838 more words


REVIEW: Inherent Vice

New York Film Festival

Thomas Pynchon’s novel “Inherent Vice” ends with his chief character, Doc Sportello,  attempting to discern shapes within a haze that has formed outside his car window.   656 more words

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my own personal silence

“There was a silence in that clearing I’d felt only once before. Once, in Mexico. The year I was in America. We were very deep in the jungle. 63 more words