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if I complained enough

“Once I realized,” as Maxine presented it to Heidi, “that if I complained enough, he’d give me whatever I wanted? just to shut me up? well, the romance, I don’t know, somehow went out of it for me.”

— Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge


a sure sign of idiocy

“This woman here, despite her M.B.A., ordinarily a sure sign of idiocy, is playing you, smart-ass, and you need to be out of this place as quick as possible.”

— Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge


group therapy sessions

“They often went to the same group therapy sessions, in a car pool with a photographer from Palo Alto who thought he was a volleyball.” 6 more words


serge’s song

What chance has a lonely surfer boy For the love of a surfer chick, With all these Humbert Humbert cats Coming on so big and sick? 106 more words


In Their Own Hands: Ways out of Patriarchal and Colonial Control in Pynchon's "V."

Thomas Pynchon’s first novel, V. sometimes comes under fire for being misogynistic. While some of these critiques are valid, they ignore subtle hints in the novel that suggest the possibility of female empowerment. 2,478 more words

Radiohead are in the studio for the next album!

Jonny Greenwood confirmed in an interview with BBC Radio Oxford’s David Prever yesterday that the band is working on the follow-up for their 2011-album The King of Limbs. 190 more words


Good Tunes and Bad Vibes: Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

At once Thomas Pynchon at his wildest and most accessible, funny and insightful and a mystery novel that isn’t really, Inherent Vice is a wild, great read. 836 more words