Thomas the Tank Season 16

Story Time will keep you entertained for as long as you want this week, because we have a whole season of Thomas the Tank Engine to go with our Travelling Theme.


Day 83: People May Surprise You...

+ Seeing Tilly when I get home from work, especially that first big hug!
+ A friend colleague of mine went to the Railway Exhibition in Folkestone on Sunday. 174 more words

Happy Daze...

Sexual Undertones in Thomas the Tank Engine

Yesterday, I discovered that I have Condochondritis, and so, I’ve been ordered to rest and medicate accordingly. Although the condition is, on occasion, incredibly painful, it… 492 more words


Man Can't get Thomas and Friends Theme Song out of Head, In Danger of Going Insane

Local dad and global schmo John D’oh has been watching too much Thomas and Friends with his 2 year old son authorities say. For the past several weeks he’s had the theme song to the popular children’s show bouncing around in his head and can’t get it out. 349 more words


The railway child inside me

Without wishing to bore you into submission within sentence one, trains fascinate me. Let me qualify that… Old trains fascinate me. The new deluxe hybrid spacecrafts that whizz up and down the dilapidated infrastructure of this sceptre isle couldn’t rouse me from my sleep during a blazing fire. 863 more words


Thomas Gets New Running Buddy

Thomas has a new running buddy at the Strasburg Rail Road in eastern Pennsylvania. He has been joined by Percy, a green pint-sized 0-4-0. Percy made his debut last weekend. 160 more words

Other News

I hate Thomas the Tank Engine

There. I said it. I can’t stand that smarmy, self-important little train and his mates, and I’ll tell you why. It’s not just because they’re irritating and uninspired (although there is that). 932 more words