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Charming socks off and other adventures

Have you ever tried to explain steam to a four year old, or listened in rapt attention as a toddler valiantly tried to tell you he wanted Thomas the Train as he pointed to… 295 more words

Family And Friends

Thomas, He's the Cheeky One

Last year, a couple families we know when to Calera, Alabama for a Day Out With Thomas. With Emerson’s affinity for Thomas and trains, I wanted to take him. 442 more words

Random Life

All Aboard for Thomas the Train Cookies

I just completed these cookies for Tommy’s 3rd Birthday. ┬áThese are one of my favorite cookies I’ve made; so much fun and adorable!


Couch Potato

Charlotte likes to climb up onto the couch to watch TV. Lately she’s started stealing my leather recliner as her new favorite spot to sit and watch the tube. 127 more words

Animated purgatory

My little guy has a stuffed elephant that is his security blanket. His name is E, even though my son is perfectly capable of saying elephant (sounds like “elfent” but is close enough). 305 more words