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babies galore

i’m counting on my fingers and this is the 7th person i’ve found out is expecting this year.  it’s either a population boom or this is just the age group i’ve moved into.  147 more words

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had to make this for Thom’s school for their featured families of the month program.

i was stressed and cranky putting it together (from the other parents, i wasn’t the only one) but i’m glad we were forced to do it.  13 more words


An excuse for Vivaldi

the spring outside, mostly wild and barely kept:

the spring inside, studies in composition:

bienvenido la primavera.

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i give up.
you give up?
i give up.
gleefully squeezing my cheeks together:  i thought smart people don’t give up!
ooops!  ok, i don’t give up. 334 more words



it’s official.  paid our dues to the civics association yesterday.   this is not the most updated community facilities i’ve ever seen but i find it strangely endearing.  94 more words

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Late night creme brûlée

is how i’m ending today.  this beautiful, perfect, mundane day that could not be more bum if we tried.  everything good in life is free.  except for coffee.  511 more words

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little phoenix

Breakfast at thirty thousand feet. Airspace somewhere between California and Oregon. October, 2012.

We woke at 4 to catch a 6am flight and had breakfast as the sun came up to meet us at cruising altitude.  192 more words

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