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Whale Tales

Today’s rant will be brought to you from “Whale Tale”, because wedgies are in!

I’ve never been a thong girl. I’ll wear them from time to time, but they just aren’t my thing. 188 more words


The war against thongs

By Camila Abisambra

I believe Alexa Chung said it best: “‘I’d rather go commando than wedge myself into a g-string.’ and ain’t that the truth. I fundamentally defend your right to wear a thong but around the turning of the year -meaning less than a month ago- I decided I’m done wearing things that make me feel uncomfortable and the first and foremost thing on my list is the thong. 445 more words


The great land of Oz

I was drinking my second glass of Chardonnay when the girl next to me on the flight suddenly woke up and asked me “Hey did you have your Brekky?” and I was zapped because I had not heard of “Brekky” before. 708 more words


Last week I read an article from a woman’s blog  that talked about how some women are getting poop, yes, you read correctly, some may call it doodoo, feces,  or plain ole sh*t , IN THEIR VAGINA! 843 more words


That thong, tha, thong, thong, thong.

I was preparing for a date yesterday when one of my dearest friends dropped by to catch up.

“Make yourself useful and help me figure out what to wear on this date,” I said. 579 more words

Men And Thongs

I have many good qualities, but I am not a good nurse.

Over-anxious people like me, worry incessantly about things that usually never happen, so when (God Forbid) they do, we freefall, go into denial and try to play them down as a coping strategy. 501 more words

Midlife Observations