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The Saracen Tower

I love heights…the beauty of looking for miles and miles from a high tower, the fantastic view from a mountain.  I love heights, but I have a vivid imagination. 613 more words


Dad, how was the earth settled? Spiders, fishermen and plate tectonics.

-”That’s an excellent question, boy and very à propos!” -”A what?” -”Timely! Because we had lots of related news snippets recently. I suppose you meant settled by people?” -“Of course, what else?” “Well, life itself since it didn’t begin with us humans, you see! 2,342 more words


'The Kon-Tiki Expedition' by Thor Heyerdahl

Sometimes the most interesting conversations I have with politicians aren’t about politics at all. Recently I got talking to the Labour MP for Wrexham, Ian Lucas, abut the Norwegian anthropologist-adventurer Thor Heyerdahl. 462 more words