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King Kirby

For the life of me I cannot make a Jack Kirby homage sketch without doing a poor imitation of his technique.  The unbridled energy is infectious in the most refreshing way.   60 more words

Long Lines, Lands, and a ton more!

NOTE: This post is not finished. It was posted early because we want you to be able to play the newest islands as soon as possible. 468 more words


The Quieter Moments of Marvel

I mostly just love this video for the song – ‘Stay Alive’ by Jose Gonzalez. Someday I’ll have to share with you fine people how I mostly get my music from TV shows, movie trailers or commercials. 35 more words


Lady Loki and Lady Thor at Otakon 2014

 The other big cosplay Macey and I decided to do was Lady Loki and Thor. But we wanted classic sort of dresses for our look because we ended up with a nice big petticoat at our disposal. 385 more words


Wonder Mutt Wednesday

Enjoy the ride.

Do you think a Labrador, or any other dog for that matter, could save the world?  


Thor's Hammer Is So Heavy,It Would Kill Everything.

Well, thanks to the newest Vsauce video, we have our answer:

Nothing good. Just a sugar cube-sized bit of dying neutron star would have the same mass as roughly all of humanity—or 400 million metric tons. 132 more words

'Vacation' reboot packs up Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Day

There had better be room in the car for Mjölnir. The long in development re-launch of the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise has gained some major momentum today after a new draft of the script by director/writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein was recently turned in. 255 more words

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