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Please do not sit on the ledge or lean on the glass

“Please do not sit on the ledge or lean on the glass”

Have you ever read that note in somewhere? Mostly in highest tower with glass within the building has that one. 462 more words


You’re an important piece in God’s puzzle. You may not fit in every place you go but in time God will place you where you belong.
– M. Goodman -


Some people are like car chargers. They’re good for your journey but you must disconnect once you reach your destination.
– M. Goodman -


Make no apology for what you believe. Know why you believe it. Be prepared to defend it. Be willing to die for it. #WhatDoYouBelieve?
– M. Goodman -


201. Choices

when thoughts collide
in an attempt to choose
unable to take a side
indecisions do confuse

choices made hard, long
between a cake or cookie… 108 more words


An Empathy Factor

My daughter comes stumbling outside the back door, she is still learning to navigate a shutting screen door while exiting at the same time; a skill most people learn after a few scraped ankles from the bottom of the door as it slams shut against their leg.  482 more words


Just because you can fight every battle doesn’t mean that you should. Sometimes the cost of proving a point just simply isn’t worth it.
– M. Goodman -