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Beach Walks And Deep Thoughts

This morning my fiancé and I got to take a walk on the beach together. We were talking non-stop because we haven’t seen each other in over a month. 492 more words


In Paul’s 1st letter to the church of Corinth, he teaches them to love. When love is not learned we tend to get burned. #Love101
– M. Goodman -



Waktu hidup kayaknya kurang seru, biasanya kita menantikan atau malah membuat drama yang mungkin tidak terlalu penting. Bisa jadi asas “kita buat rame” yang sempat terkenal waktu pemilu kemarin, kita pakai sebagai landasan dasar drama tersebut. 565 more words



Because something about
your presence…
makes my smile worth while.

Because something about
your absence…makes me wonder
if I even cross your mind.

And sometimes I forget… 25 more words



The forms of the male and the female body. Why are they so powerful, sensous and un-ignorable?  Somehow I find the worship of the human body closely related to ‘hero worship’.  31 more words

Ahead of Time

Im sure right now that my goal back when I was still in grade school was to become a doctor, so that I could help a lot of people. 332 more words


If you’re not prepared to walk 1 mile in someone else’s shoes, it’s best not to utter 1 word about their struggle. #GossipAintGodly
– M. Goodman -