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An exercise in armchair generalship (WWI in Real Time, Lecture 18)

Last Thursday, I have the class the following assignment:

As we discussed in class, this week’s assignment is to put yourself into Moltke’s shoes and come up with an alternative strategy—whether in the initial invasion of France or in managing the offensive once Joffre ordered the Allied retreat—and *then* analyze whether your alternative might’ve made much difference in the outcome of the invasion of France.

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I’m starting to really enjoy talking to people. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you stop and let go of your ego(easier said than done) and actually listen and observe. 283 more words

Thought Experiment Thursday: Galileo at Pisa

Remember when I wrote that post about Boltzmann Brains and said I’d write an installment of Thought Experiment Thursday every week? Yeah, I dropped the ball on that one, for which I apologize.  617 more words

Boston College CSOM vs Boston University SMG - Part Two

So what’s the result? Which school is worth more to you in today’s dollars in terms of your lifetime earnings as the return on investment on your tuition? 695 more words

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I was watching some videos on YouTube and was confronted with the issue: why don’t we remember what we play in video games as opposed to remembering a movie or TV show. 332 more words