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Avoiding offering an answer to all the unanswerable questions.

What would we do if we found the strategy guide or the walkthrough or the cheat codes? What would our lives look like if we knew what we were doing? 26 more words

Thought Experiments

Clone house

I had an idea for a story. It would be a story about, I guess, pre-destination, identity and the ways humans behave. I called this story, when I thought of it on the tube this morning, Clone House, and it would be about an experiment where a dozen or so people were put in a house or small sealed environment of some sort and observed to see how they acted or interacted. 465 more words

Thought Experiments

Letting Go of October

Back in middle school, I knew this guy. I never knew him well, nor I think did anybody. He was different. Disabled a little, both physically and mentally, holding a conversation with him was a challenge. 2,275 more words


Luck and Randomness

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time. But situation wasn’t right. Seems to me, I couldn’t get a better time than today to post it :). 601 more words

Exposed Exploits

Judge Hercules or Judge Bayes?

Here is the abstract of one of our thought experiments, which we have been working on over the holidays:

This paper explores two possible connections between hard cases in law and Newcomb’s Paradox in philosophy.

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An Alternative to Copyright

For a variety of reasons, I feel copyright doesn’t work. If there is interest, I can explain why I feel copyright doesn’t work at length. 2,368 more words

Thought Experiments