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A brief idea not quite brief enough to fit in a tweet but enticing enough to require some form of instant social recognition of its absolute brilliance

Lateral Carpooling thought for time poor long distance road enthusiasts: driver from Perth meets driver from Sydney at Border Village, Nullarbor Plain. Drivers swap cars, return them to owner’s garage.

Fly home.


Libertarian Free Will is a Powerful Meme, Whether or Not it's True

Why is belief in libertarian free will popular?

We’ve explored before how the popularity of an idea is a function of that idea’s memetic virulence and resilience. 1,438 more words

Thought Experiments

Philosophical Problems for All!

Thanks to Ally Iciek for finding this website full of interesting philosophical debates. It’s interesting to find out how your views stack up against those of others! 19 more words

Lower Sixth IB Philosophy

The Limits of Science


P. F. Strawson called his twentieth century exposition of Kant The Bounds of Sense. I have commented elsewhere what a appropriate title this is. 1,210 more words

Strictly Theoretical

Roderick Long on "Reverse Racism"

For obvious reasons, racism and reverse racism are very much on everyone’s minds nowadays. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to blog on those topics right now (or blog on Ferguson); I’m too much in the thick of end-of-semester grading and the like. 333 more words

The Girl That Grabbed My Arse

So I went to a Disco Boogie Centre (otherwise known as a nightclub) on Saturday night, an activity in which I’ve not indulged for a few years. 782 more words


On Trolleys, Bazookas, and Faulty Reasoning

The so-called trolley problem, which single handedly appears to have kept a generation of moral philosophers in a job, is now well known. The problem, simply put, is why the intuitions of many as to the correct course of action differ between the following two cases which I have paraphrased from Judith Jarvis Thomson’s 1985 paper, “ 1,531 more words

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