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Thought Experiment Thursday: Galileo at Pisa

Remember when I wrote that post about Boltzmann Brains and said I’d write an installment of Thought Experiment Thursday every week? Yeah, I dropped the ball on that one, for which I apologize.  617 more words

Boston College CSOM vs Boston University SMG - Part Two

So what’s the result? Which school is worth more to you in today’s dollars in terms of your lifetime earnings as the return on investment on your tuition? 695 more words

Thought Experiments

What this blog is about

I was watching some videos on YouTube and was confronted with the issue: why don’t we remember what we play in video games as opposed to remembering a movie or TV show. 332 more words


Thought Experiments pt. 2

Hopefully at least some people found the first article interesting. I think thought experiments are fascinating (the ones that aren’t too confusing, anyway), and so  wrote a part 2. 604 more words


Talent In, Talent Out: Comparing Undergraduate Business Schools

Fred Schmidt posted last week comparing outcomes for Boston University and Boston College undergraduate business school students. In some sense, comparing these outcomes directly is unfair.  561 more words

Thought Experiments

Ignatius and modernity

As promised, a post in dedication of that dear soul who first left me a comment.

One of the main projects of his blog has been “to use movies and television shows as thought experiments to test normative moral theories, and the metaethical views behind them”. 299 more words


Boston College CSOM vs Boston University SMG - Part One

In this article we will introduce our thought experiment comparing the financial value of an undergraduate degree from Boston College Carroll School of Management (CSOM) to an undergraduate degree from Boston University School of Management (SMG). 752 more words

Thought Experiments