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Sleep, Dreaming & Insomnia

What is happening when we sleep? (WG 24.6.14)

During sleep, most of the energy of the person is reabsorbed into the Inner Being. The Inner Being spends it on other things it wants to do, maybe to give energy to others of its Wooden Dolls that are awake when you are asleep. 1,565 more words

Inner Being


Is the Inner Being omnipresent? (JP gr 22.5.14)

Inner Being is always. Before you have energy, a small piece of your energy (going) into the Wooden Doll, all energy is in the Inner Being of you, it will always be knowing all moments of the Wooden Doll. 1,037 more words

Inner Being

This 11/11: May Your Soul Awaken...and stuff.

“Let’s go ahead and schedule for next Tuesday,” I said.

“Sure.” replied the receptionist. “That’s Tuesday, 11/11.”

“Oh, that’s lucky.” I added without thought.

“Is it? 660 more words

New Age

The Easy Way to Manifest What You Want

I’d like to get a few thoughts out about manifestation. I wanted to post this in time for the full moon, as this is when the universal energies peak in our monthly cycle creating the best conditions to bring into being that which we desire… or is it, t… 807 more words

New Age

Time & Parallel Lives


Can you explain the difference between your time and our time. My understanding that where you are in spirit, all time is one now, it’s not linear like we have in this environment. 790 more words


Healing 1 - Thought-forms and Healing

Importance of Thought-Forms in Healing

What is the best way to strengthen our thought-forms for healing? JP 22.5.14

Your Inner Being needs much practice with your Wooden Doll to build and grow the pipe then when pipe big and strong, then the more energy can flow from Inner Being through thought-forms to the wooden doll. 1,640 more words

Inner Being