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The NICE Initiative Framework for Collaboration: My Written Elevator Pitch

“Most people in corporate settings don’t know about the theme of collaboration as a work style.”

— Liane Bass, Online Education Specialist 1/8/15

“Your elevator pitch must be memorable, not memorized!” 1,134 more words

Penina Rybak

A New Year's Letter on the Power of Positivity

* This post below originally appeared in The Huffington Post, where I have a column on entrepreneurship. I wanted to repurpose the content a bit and re-share it today. 721 more words

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The NICE Reboot Podcast Part 3: What Legacy Will You Leave?

“What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? Build connections and relationships with people in a positive way by paying attention to the very first question asked.” 1,221 more words

Thought Leadership

Three is the magic number

Ever found it hard to choose between two items? Well, research shows that adding a third can make your decision a little easier.

It’s well known that humans aren’t rational when it comes to making purchases. 430 more words

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Holiday Season time of giving or time of economic empowerment

This time of year we are bombarded with requests from all sorts of organizations who remind us that it is again “this time of year to give.” Giving to charities or to churches is a practice that has helped many. 777 more words

Running without a record

At first I felt sheer panic that I had lost my phone, but once I had established that I had left it in the office, my thoughts quickly jumped to the fact that my precious after-work run wasn’t going to be recorded. 734 more words

Challenge Me

The NICE Reboot Podcast Part 2: What Would You Do Now If You Could?

‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Connect the ‘dots’ and change the trajectory of your life.”

Penina Rybak, CEO Socially Speaking LLC… 1,436 more words

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