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The Rise of the Storyteller Entrepreneur

“Your ability to shape your future depends on how well you communicate where you want to be when you get there. When ideas are communicated effectively, people follow and change.” 710 more words

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TradingScreen to Host First Fixed Income Forum in Paris

TradingScreen will be hosting its first annual Fixed Income Forum in Paris, France this November. The event will be hosted at Hotel InterContinental Paris – Le Grand Hotel, located on 2 Rue Scribe. 80 more words

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Lessons from Steve Jobs- The "Think Different" Entrepreneur

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“Our country is such a beautiful, beautiful experiment. We manifest, we allow freedom, if you follow certain rules and if you work really hard. 884 more words

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The Truth About Creativity- Part 5: Nature vs. Nurture

“Creativity is not just for artists.”

– Twyla Tharp

“Creativity is imagination in action.”

- Sir Ken Robinson

The lively Nature vs. Nurture Debate has played out in all arenas for decades, sometime simultaneously; education, entrepreneurship, psychology, medicine, and even machine learning. 561 more words

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Monica Borbely, a Latina without limits

From moving all by herself to America as a teenager, to working as a maid, and later starting and becoming the President and CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, Monica is proof that the American dream of success is absolutely possible. 323 more words

The Truth About Creativity- Part 4: It's All in the Doing

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

“Creativity takes courage. ”

– Henri Matisse

In my efforts to continue being both a student and teacher about female entrepreneurship in the iEra, where one needs to balance… 970 more words

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The Truth About Creativity- Part 3: The Crossroads of Productivity

“This Kickstarter project is only the beginning of what I intend to create…..It’s time to motivate our girls to help build our future.”

– Debbie Sterling, Creator of… 620 more words

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