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The Importance of Habit

Jeremiah 22:21

The Importance of Habit

You will discover that successful people like Peter and John are always creatures of habit. ‘Peter and John went…to the temple at the hour of prayer…’ ( 442 more words

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Stop Condemning Yourself

Romans 8:34

Stop Condemning Yourself

Stop being mad at yourself because you’re still struggling in certain areas.
When it comes to an area of your life that needs improvement, be concerned about it, but not consumed with it. 261 more words

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આજનો સુવિચાર

अमन्त्रो अक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलं अनौषधम् |
अयोग्य पुरुषो नास्ति योजक: तत्र दुर्लभम् ||
કોઈ અક્ષર એવો નથી જેમાંથી મંત્ર બની શકે નહિ,કોઈ મૂળ એવું નથી કે જેમાંથી ઔષધી ના બની શકે, એવી જ રીતે કોઈ વ્યક્તિ અયોગ્ય નથી ફક્ત તેને યોગ્ય કાર્યમાં જોડનાર માણસ મળવો મુશ્કેલ છે.

Thought Of The Day

New Website!

Hi gang,

Because there is so much money in writing, (snort), I have decided to create a website where people can hire my scripts.

Here’s the dealio: I write plays. 83 more words


Thought of the day: 20th April,2014

Nothing comes free in this world

To get respected you need to respect others

To get loved you need to love others

To get cared you need to care for others…

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Thought Of The Day


Everybody seeks a space
still and quiet, where we
return to ourselves, over
and over again

this is real
this is good
this is pure. 9 more words

Thought Of The Day

be what you need

your life is your own
you cannot be what
others want you to be,
nor must you try
less you lose yourself
in another’s vision… 32 more words

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