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The Way Out

I know how it feels. Somehow.

In my 19 years of existence, there were many times when I was pushed to the very edge. Many things and even people were there to challenge me, to hinder me, to stop me, to break me. 749 more words

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Because I Know You Aren't

Having a friend is one of the best blessings a person can receive irregardless of who he is, what he has, and where he came from. 133 more words

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Glenda Told Me

Last week or the week before last week, a typhoon¬†that blew strong winds hit. Typhoon Glenda’s effect wasn’t only just uprooted trees and damaged homes. 282 more words

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Change: The Dark Side

Whenever “change” comes in mind, I immediately think of the little money left after I make my payment. Okay, that wasn’t funny. Kidding aside, “change” makes me think of new opportunities, exciting and promising beginnings, and everything becoming better. 182 more words

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