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Fall down force.
Friction and gravity conspire,
And the diamond bows to the true Joules of earth.

The fist and the boot heel add to the equation… 85 more words


From ~Jean: A brief note about Common Law, July 31, 2014

There are a number of things I need to share with you, and up until this moment, I haven’t found the time to do so.  I will try to be brief, because even now I do not have much time to spare  . 381 more words


Is It Ethical to Monitor Your Employees?

In the early days of the Internet, it was easy to achieve anonymity when browsing around the web. The anonymity of the Internet played along with what users had enjoyed for many years, a privacy. 635 more words


my mind to keep

the sleep
fights hard
my mind to keep
so wrapped up
in yesterday
to untangle
all complicated lies
that I wrestle
from within
the eternal night… 37 more words


Expectation vs. Reality: How I really spent my summer


Job search.


Laying in the sun.

Having a few drinks.

Getting drunk.

Going for a walk.

Watching television.

Expectation: 38 more words


Lack Of Personal Responsibility In The World

The world we live in today is heavily lacking in personal responsibility. Just looking at comments to see people’s view on controversial topic today makes me feel so sick. 459 more words