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To get happy and sad by situation itself rather than by other’s thought is natural and rational


Pushing Away

You see the guy that was interested in you last year happily holding hands with his new girlfriend. You catch their backs in the corner of your eye and you turn to see them growing smaller in the distance. 329 more words



T for Trustworthy– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Trustworthy’ – a trait that I love to possess, and to see in whom I meet. 253 more words


Polymath (Displaced)

Which way is up?
Which way is down?
All this way
To continue going

Round and round,
In an imperfect circle.
Losing a part of myself, 18 more words


Night thought.

Because maybe I am so nice. But maybe I have no heart. And somehow I come undone when you are around. It’s hard to explain. I still believe in you for no reason. 312 more words



pembukaan dulu yah, minggu kemaren saya sama johan pergi makan di suatu mall. abis keliling2 ke semua toko asesoris, beli2, trus keliling drugstore2, beli minyak angin, kita makan disuatu resto yang emang saya lagi kepengen banget. 578 more words