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Thoughtful Thursday: Never Forget. Talk to Your Sons About September 11

The young men and women entering college this year were in kindergarten on September 11, 2001. This means that many of our children have limited to no personal recollection of the horrific events of that day. 215 more words

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtless Bites...

I was thinking today… what could I be thoughtful about… for “Thoughtful Thursday”

I sat there a little while… and I started thinking about thoughts… 157 more words


Did You Know...16

I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the unusual instances of celebrity deaths that seem to come in three’s. The most recent proof being the passing of Robyn Williams, Lauren Bacall, and Joan Rivers. 348 more words


It Pays to Be Meek

Meekness is respectable. Meekness is comfortable. But another lesser known benefit of meekness is that it is profitable.

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Get all you can; can all you get; and sit on the lid. 1,217 more words

Thoughtful Thursday

Cozad's Ag Exposure Day...

Thoughtful Thursday

On this Thoughtful Thursday, I am thinking back to yesterday when I participated in the Ag Exposure Day for the 4th and 5th graders in our town of Cozad.  400 more words


The Hustler

When I was 19, I moved 6 hours away from home to attend university in Canada’ Capital City: Ottawa. I was pretty excited for a challenging academic life but was concerned about the university social life. 658 more words


Thoughtful Thursday: Me, the Shy One

Growing up, I was painfully shy.  Shoulders hunched, head down, jacket zipped up to my chin every day of 7th grade (including those days when it was a sweltering Louisiana day).   634 more words

Thoughtful Thursday