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Challenge Yourself

August is right around the corner. With the coming of a new month is a new opportunity for change and for growth. We challenge you to challenge yourself.

Anna Epps

My Heart Brings Me Down

I have this horribly sympathetic heart. I want to help everyone, people that I don’t know, people that I barely know, people that I love. I want to fix their problems. 499 more words


Did You Know?...(9) Part 2

  • One of the most prevalent race-based stereotypes is that African Americans don’t swim. According to a US Swimming (America’s government body of competitive swimming) study conducted in 2010, almost half of white children (42%) had low or no swimming ability, while Hispanic children came in at 58% reported as having low or no swimming ability.
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Did You Know?...(9) Part 1

  • According to Inertia Surf Editor Tetsuhiko Endo, ‘surfing’ has been known as a predominately “white” sport that lands comfortably somewhere between mountaineering and golf.
  • Nick Gabaldon was the 1st African American Surfer according to The Encyclopedia of Surfing Author Matt Warshaw.
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I am 28 years old, I am single, and I am tired of being single. Don’t jump to conclusions - I do not sit around brooding over my singleness or waiting around for guys to ask me out. 298 more words

Thoughtful Thursday

True Partners...

Thoughtful Thursday

There is tremendous beauty in a true partnership marked by trust and devotion.  From it springs an unselfish desire to care unconditionally and love without reservation. 6 more words


Thoughtful Thursday: How Having Muffin in My Life Has Caused Me to Stop and Smell the Roses...

Once upon a time, Muffin hadn’t been born yet.  I hadn’t met Josh yet.  I wasn’t even teaching yet.  I was simply Jane Doe, college student…who commuted from her childhood home to the university campus daily for classes (It was only about half an hour away).   495 more words