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When The Vacuum Helps You Breathe (especially after a bad read)

Someone told me,

“Stop it! Stop dreaming your life away! This is not the time for that. Life is straight, life is simple, you need to move in a straight line right now or things are going to slip away, spiral out of your grasp. 617 more words

Fine is

i wish
 the reply
 didn’t always have to be
 that i didn’t have to lie
 every fucking time
 but, apparently
 doesn’t show
 you just don’t care to look
 beyond the word and beneath,
 crawl inside and breathe the decay
 in the
 meaning or look
 close enough to see
 the lines of glue,
 artfully placed and arranged
 along cracks and breaks
 in hieroglyphics
 screaming to
 staunch this bleeding… 282 more words
Poetics & Prose


Meditation is the union of the individual with the divine.  It’s a state of thoughlessness, of being in the present, in the presence of God.



I leak like a slick
of engine oil
in a pothole puddle
the inky rainbow
by a drowning worm as it writhes out
its last life… 26 more words