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Something Old? Something New?

Hello loves!

This is going to be a very different post today. We would like to get a discussion going about a few things and your opinions and feedback would be highly appreciated! 93 more words


Into the Woods: Red Riding Hood's song

Mother said,
“Straight ahead,”
Not to delay
or be misled.
I should have heeded
Her advice…
But he seemed so nice.

And he showed me things… 347 more words


“Even when the rest are falling, I’m still standing, I’m still climbing.”

I try.



I am sorry that it has been so long since I have written anything. I am busy, but not really that busy. The funky balance of work that I may have some time to write, but I would rather be sleeping or turning my brain to mush reading each and every Azealia Banks tweet. 146 more words



“If I’ve forgiven you, who are you not to forgive yourself?”

One of my teachers said that last week. It was like a slap in the face. 604 more words


I find myself often reminiscing about things that never happened.

(this song, Keaton Henson’s whole Romantic Works album really, gets me at a loss of words):



Voices are funny. Sometimes, when all you know about a person is how their voice sounds (such as in a podcast), you subconsciously build up an image of them. 313 more words