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Breaking tradition
Ways, my own
I live my life the way I want
And not as I am told

My choices, my actions
Solely my own… 123 more words


interlude pt. ii

you are an interlude yourself –
flitting in and out of my mind between acts
stopping the¬†world’s stage with those eyes.


Nostalgic's Wish

“Sometimes I wish the old times back, then I realize during that time I wished for this present as my future.”

When I was under the inevitable stress of college I always dreamed of finishing it and finally be free, having my time at my own hands. 489 more words


Home again

Away from the small town and back in the city. It feels nice to have the chance to be home and not have to think (well, not too much) about work. 225 more words



I choose to think that handling situations when all the odds are against you is a skill that one has to master and learn before he can access a situation with a calm mind. 203 more words


Safety First!


I always see this in all construction sites.

To remind everyone that they have to wear their safety gears before going to the site. 780 more words


Eyes, face, hands – an arm’s length away
thoughts – somewhere else
Strange that we can miss someone sitting right in front of us.