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Baby crows and the squirrel...

I LOVE crows with a passion, so you can imagine my delight when three of them started hanging around my patio.  It was easy to see  that there were two babies and their mom (babies in photograph).   318 more words


New features (DocuSign, SalesForce.com, etc) and events (Ask the Experts) oh my!

Between a fair amount of events (SKO’s, WPC and more!), I’ve been all over the place the past few weeks but I felt now would be a great time to stop and synthesize (Good Lord, how I love corporate double speak!) all of the great stuff I’ve been exposed to over the past month with everyone! 404 more words


Moment of moments

Below’s a segment of the thoughts I jotted down daily while I am in camp. It’s not posted to any blogs so it’s kinda more personal. 510 more words


My ISEB Intermediate Qualifacation

Earlier this year I sat the ISEB Intermediate qualification for software testing. I studied for two weeks, reading the book and answering the questions provided, not quite confident I was grasping the concepts it was trying to teach and during this I came up with a  question. 260 more words


Awesome Animation

A very cool animation with some serious imagination. It has inspired me to have a go… once i find some acetate and white markers…


Why do we have a need to enhance our self-image?

It is commonplace in our culture that we try to improve our self-image in many different ways. Many people attempt to enhance their self-esteem by positive thinking, different types of therapies, or being nice and follow social norms to fit in, in order to get approval by others. 446 more words



Every day I feel death is smiling. Mocking humanity because it is more ‘productive’ than any of us. Every day I feel death looks at humanity like a flower quickly fading. 408 more words