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It's Spring, my second favourite month - cue itchy eyes



I watched Bridewars, well part of it last night. It’s a good ole chick flick that will never cease to make you smile. It also makes me think of the future. 231 more words



I have depression. It’s such a taboo subject, we all know it shouldn’t be, but it doesn’t stop others from subconsciously passing judgement on us when we come right out and say it. 699 more words


Ugh. Math and Science make my insides want to fold in upon each other, shrivel up, and die.

As I write this lab report over  198 more words



Phew. What a whirlwind the past few months have been. Life has been very hectic, but I think it’s finally about to settle down a bit. 172 more words


Interfaith 101: Your Religion is Beautiful, too

I’m pretty serious about my religion. I pray and make offerings every day, and my beliefs permeate everything that I do. I don’t view Hellenismos as something that I do on the festivals or when I have time; it’s a part of my life – one of the most important in fact – and it needs its own dedicated time, just like cooking, sleeping, working and keeping in touch with my friends do. 362 more words



Thank you Chriskora @deviantart for the great background image.


Student living: The life-great! The accommodation? Not so much. Year One

Starting at the beginning of my renting experience was house number one.

Having effectively one week to find somewhere to live for a year was not ideal but as always I muddled through and I ended up renting a relatively large room in a three bedroom house with two other guys for close to a £1000 per academic term with electric on a metre. 303 more words