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Lonely bench

Little used bench behind the Museum of Science and Industry.  I feel as if it’s trying to attract someone but failing miserably.  It’s set in a place not visited by people very often.   57 more words


Losing a Parent

It’s been a few weeks. I’ve been away from writing due to the illness and death of my father. A lot of thoughts and reflections have been swirling in my head and the time has come to get a few out. 965 more words


Days and Days

The days come and the days go
One day you’re dumb, one day you know
When once you said yes, now you say no
Time is irrelevant, so long as you’re in flow


Normal Mom

What constitutes a normal mom? The other day as I watched the girls stuff their faces with s’mores, I chatted with their babysitter Melissa. Melissa is tall, not abnormally tall, just tall. 160 more words


My take on TBS Nutriganic's "Drops of Youth" serum

Disclaimer: I love reviewing things but for those of you who wonder why i never post my own pictures, it’s mostly because i don’t really like the whole hassle of uploading things and transferring data, plus it doesn’t help that i’m not really the best photographer. 546 more words


How to be a nifty thrifty shopper

Since I have now entered the “broke college student” phase of my life, I can say that I have learned first hand the value of making the most out of your money. 1,471 more words



I’ve always had such a strong attraction to the meaning of words: linguistics and etymology. Have you ever thought about the powers that words have? How things that we use everyday can have such incredible meanings to some but absolutely no meaning to others? 432 more words