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To humans

We are alive.  We have feelings.  We suffer.  We feel pain. We feel fear and terror. We are not food, we are living beings who have the right to happiness and a full life.


Dr. Who Magic Returns... TONIGHT

For those of you who do not know the marvelousness that is the sci-fi show Dr. Who, this post might not mean much to you (that’s okay, I still love you). 732 more words



You know the sort of person that seems to think he has enough friends? We’ve all met him. Well, maybe it’s not that he doesn’t need you or just can’t be bothered. 113 more words


That one time I questioned my faith

I haven’t heard many Pagans talk about questioning their faith. Is it because it’s considered “too Christian”? Or is it because becoming Pagan is often described as “coming home”, walking on a path where everything feels right, every belief makes sense and doubting means that something is wrong? 891 more words


Why chasing after your dreams is not overrated

As a 90s kid and now at start of my 20s, I find that my conversations with friends and family somehow revolve around the topic of what I plan to do for the rest of our lives. 834 more words


The Value of Money

Me and my siblings were raised by our parents with value for money. They never fail to tell us, directly and indirectly that “wants” and… 347 more words


The Morning

Early, quiet morning are always my favorite time of the day, especially on a weekend. That hush feeling of peace, no one is up yet, nothing has happened yet, everyone might still have hope and energy and creativity fresh in their minds. 80 more words