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Thought of the Day: Weirdness

Don’t underestimate weirdos. We are more creative than you and can plot a perfect plan of revenge. Play nice.


Why Do I Waste My Time Watching Under The Dome?

This week I’m going to discuss television shows/movies that I watched a long time ago (in some cases a real long time ago) yet never got around to discussing on the blog. 1,392 more words


Ten Books that have Impacted Me

A friend had tagged me in her list on Facebook of 10 books that have had impact in some way, and my initial scribbles had 3 out of 10 books being Neil Gaiman’s works. 615 more words


Welcome. Welcome to my blog.

This is my blog. It is about “food,” but since food is inextricably tied to the living of life, it will undoubtedly be about many other things also. 44 more words

First Post


Am I the only person that blocks people I know numbers on my cell when they begin to irritate the hell out of me. I just have my moments I would like to be left alone to rest or chill or not doing a damn thing.


Okay so...

My son-in-law’s reality is very different from mine.  He’s colorblind.  He believes that the colors he sees are the only colors that exist.  For him that’s true.   346 more words




沉默不是寂寞。它能让你没有理由地陶醉在自己的情绪里。是好,或是坏, 已经没有关系。因为它仅仅只是一个过程罢了。即使沉默的存在能让你彷徨无助,你也不想它从你生命中消失。很矛盾,对吧? 相信自己心知肚明。所以,不要抛弃沉默,不要舍弃沉默,不要讨厌沉默。你不知道你何时需要它——它会是你情绪上的不寂寞。