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I cannot make you feel happy… it’s impossible…

Can I make you feel happy or sad? Do I have the power to have an effect on your mood or feelings?

Assume that I am on the verge of telling you that I want to end our relationship, but I am not brave enough to bring the topic up because I am afraid of hurting your feelings. 394 more words


Writing Process Blog Tour

The wonderful YA/ NA fiction writer Rhiann Wynn-Nolet has invited me to share the magic that is my writing process. Follow her on Twitter @RhiannWynnNolet. She’s a fellow artist turned writer! 987 more words


The Problem With Travel Today..

I confess, I’m a serial travel researcher. I’m a little ashamed to admit the amount of hours I spend scouring the Internet, books and magazines. Always trying to discover new places, new things to see and adding more and more to the never-ending bucket list. 486 more words


“Tit for tat” is a funny phrase

Come back, baby. I miss you, maybe…

Don’t run away, have some peanut butter, let’s stick together

Her lips were sealed…by a mouthful of peanut butter… 74 more words


Tattooed with an ending

Your paintings kept me up at night,
the walls that we tainted with our love
haunt me all the time,
they’ve been changing ever since you left… 96 more words


Active but unblessed

“It’s their fault their poor,
they’re too lazy to be rich.”
Dearest commenter on Facebook,
you have offended all the farmers
who are pushing their bodies to their limits, 282 more words



With the events in recent weeks my fear of flying has been exacerbated greatly! I have been taking flights before I can remember and it wasn’t a problem until a particularly bad landing returning from Paris with my Dad. 255 more words