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I'm a Saint, it's probably your fault

How truthful are we to ourselves?

We’re our greatest lawyers….. piling excuses upon excuses. Hiding the facts, from ourselves and the world. We just deny it. 453 more words


Bye, bye Foursquare.

So, Foursquare has been bugging me everytime I tried to check in to a place in the last few weeks to download it’s new app “Smurf-or-whatever-it’s-called”. 65 more words


TSM Roster Change---TSM Gleeb is now a Sub, TSM LustBoy is on starting roster

If you don’t know much about me, I am an avid League of Legends gamer. I’ve been playing since 2010, four years strong now. As a result, I’ve been following the League esports scene for awhile now (even gone to some of the LCS events as well). 820 more words

League Of Legends

Women of Strength

In drawing inspiration from women of the bible:

I want to have the loyalty and love of Ruth,

Who left everything she knew for a mother and God she barely knew. 160 more words


What to do when you are stuck ?

What Do You Do When There Is Nothing Left To Do?

You’re stuck in a rut and every avenue out seems to be blocked. Is it you? 87 more words


Okay so...

all this Al Capone stuff got me thinking.  The mob has a bad name, right?  I mean they kill people, are into drugs, prostitution and all sorts of unsavory, awful and illegal things.   462 more words


The Gayness

What do I write about today?

I don’t really have a subject or an idea to speak of…

I know!!!

Let’s talk about gay people! 1,141 more words

Story Time