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I have the need to feel real special, too.


Hey J
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you last
A half and twenty-six years
(how time goes fast)

I’m well
Though I’ve gone through some deep changes in my life… 265 more words


Wednesday Thoughts.

I think I want to get into the music business. I’m not sure what I want to do, or why I want to, but I feel fuzzy inside whenever I think about being part of the music scene. 289 more words


slowing down

As the school year is coming near it’s close, my days are spinning wildly.  A community of people I love has been woven together over the past few months and I want to linger in the final days I have with them.   224 more words

I Don't Want to Work Today

I don’t want to work today. I want to frolic in the emergence of spring with the great return of the green and the sun happy to warm from far in the sky. 269 more words


Before I start all over again...

Back to the island once more and the usual preparations have already begun. No need to mention all that again, only that probably this year I feel completely and utterly bored to do anything! 176 more words


Dear *Hopister... With Love from a Teenage Critic.

Dear high end, high street, brand.

Thank you greatly for coming over from California to bale out British teens and tweens who are desperate to be popular. 756 more words


Wednesday 3:37 PM

I always think it’s so dumb when people are like “Ugh we’ve been separated for a day and I miss him soOOoooOoooO much”

Like ew why… 20 more words