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This was my reflection on the Boston Marathon Bombing last year. I will be posting my 1 year reflection soon. 


The events of today have shaken me to my very core.  1,071 more words

I Knew

They thought you were hiding from the world. 

I knew better

They thought you hated everything around you.

I knew better

They thought you hated yourself. 107 more words


What matters?

You might not even think about it, but you know what matters.  It seems to me that what matters is the most important thing in life.   25 more words


This path I'm walking

At this point in the year, I feel like I’m not doing well at this job and it seems to be confirming my feelings even more that this won’t be the industry I want to get into. 77 more words


Today's thought.

Why is addiction so taboo? It’s not easy to stand up today and admit it – I have a problem. Even online, there’s that fear that someone who knows someone you know might find out and so it goes, your reputation is ruined. 178 more words


Heart Attack

When I don’t care
I can play ‘em like a Ken doll
Won’t wash my hair
Then make ‘em bounce like a basketball

But you make me wanna act like a girl…

65 more words

I hate the idea of conformity. The idea that I must adopt attitudes, emulate popular personalities and borrow my opinions from social trends- all in effort to remain predictable, consistent and liked. 18 more words