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Rampant Rantings

“Regrets and mistakes, they are memories made”, it’s striking, the painful resemblance these words bear to the reality. Often times in life we come to a point where we are forced to make drastic decisions. 342 more words

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07.27.14(Adult Visions)

My mom was great for chronicling my life growing up. She had this book that she filled out with me every year. It included our school photo from that year, our age and questions. 469 more words


What is Ideal - A Religious Society or a Spiritual Society?

Society founded upon spirituality will differ in two essential points from the society which begins from and ends with the lower human nature. Usually human society starts from the gregarious instinct modified by diversity and possible antagonism of interests, from association or clash of egos or from a combination or conflict of ideas, tendencies and principles. 2,298 more words


A short post about short plays

Photo by Tammi Nowell.

I think I can pinpoint the exact moment that I realised my attention span had been considerably shortened by watching plays with no interval. 1,061 more words

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Boy bands and Their Fans

So, who out there is a boy band fan? Well, I can admit that boy bands are indeed a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. 889 more words

Thoughts And Opinions

Feely grumpy with PMR at its best and then SKY tops it off.

Grrrrr why is life full of friggin idiots that don’t listen to what you say?… And why is it they decide to rattle your cage on a day when you are not feeling your best and the symptoms of PMR are rearing their ugly head? 704 more words

Thoughts And Opinions

How may we succeed in our efforts to live according to the will of God?

Because human beings start at the bottom of finite creature existence – we are the lowest form of life in the universe capable of comprehending God – we have the chance to ascend furthest by evolutionary growth to the heights of moral and spiritual existence. 995 more words