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Road Trip, Laugh Trip and Boodle Fight

One of the best moments from the time I came here in Al Ain. I’m so glad that I have friends to rely on, to talk with and share everything. 33 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Day and Night in Al Ain

Hello and goodbye off. Why are you so fast?

I went to the church with my colleagues and as usual, for the grocery. Oh, I saw him. 51 more words



Have a great day ahead. Always think positive…


Even The Bad Stuff Is Good

When you feel good, you feel so good but when you feel bad…Not so! “Is the world conspiring against me? Am I a target? Why God, why?!” Everyone has those days sometimes and I’m no different. 281 more words

Who Me Is!

I Got You

Ask me what I did with my life
I spent it with you
If I lose my fame and fortune
(Really don’t matter)
As long as I got you, baby…

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Desire- A Revelation

I haven’t completely understood this about me, but somethings I have begun to. I am a woman of passion, only there are spare moments when I be that, her. 985 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Magic Lost

I’ve found a new drug, for a while at least. Till it does its worse to me, with me, I’m trapped, blissfully.

Yes, its true that I still believe in magic, but because its betrayed me I’m not sure if its for me, or I’m for it. 150 more words

Thoughts In My Head