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Little Push for sucess!!

That is one of the ways of thinking S.M.A.R.T when setting goals

for yourself. per educating on how a business operates internally

and externally your venture can be very beneficial to you. 85 more words

Thoughts Of A Man

Holding on

Most of us love our lifestyles cause its what’s we’re use to

from the things we smoke to the people we call our crew

but even you know yourself that negative is not for you… 255 more words

Thoughts Of A Man

Children ae blessings

Children are little people with innocent hearts

from there souls,smiles that’s beautiful like art

from how you treat each other to what’s in your heart… 121 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


What women call a good men

a person that pays the bills

but replace him with a gold grill

A person that opens the door… 111 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


A bird sing to a beautiful day

lions roar will vibrate your face

Rainy days are cuddling time

family games are good times

negative people and vibe are bad time… 81 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


I’m a man who honor his thought

but yet faces my past and faults

I live in the future and perfect situation

I’m my own life motivation… 94 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


From a bright sunny day to cloudy skies

respect does not include telling a lie

Respect should be earned not given

even from the unknown which we call living… 176 more words

Thoughts Of A Man