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Frank Loves You All

I don’t normally do movie reviews on here, but the movie Frank is almost too thought provoking to pass up.

As a dedicated Michael Fassbender fan, I’ve seen him bend metal with his mind in… 407 more words

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God truly hears us when we cry out to him. How do we know that to be true? Well here is the answer to that question!!! 55 more words

Inspirational Thoughts Of The Day

David's (positive) thought for the day 23.

Looking on the bright side, the three rejection letters I have received from agents have been progressively more positive. 

Thoughts Of The Day

Whistler Getaway + Career Change, Hmm...

I am back from a whirlwind weekend in Whistler! I was up there with my fiance and some friends for the annual CrankWorx bike event, and we hd an amazing view for the downhills and just an all-around fabulous time. 173 more words


David's thought for the day 22.

I grow my own tomatoes with nothing but soil and water. How do supermarkets and farmers, with all their technological wizardry and money to pour into research etc manage to grow tomatoes that taste of nothing? 

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David's thought for the day 21.

I think I would appreciate politicians, banks and major corporations more if they were honest and said ‘Of course we are out screw you.’ We all know they are so why do they pretend they are not?

Thoughts Of The Day

David's (disconcerting) thought of the day 20.

What if I only write fiction because I am unhappy with who I am and how my reality going?

Thoughts Of The Day