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I stood at the Cross.....

As I start I would like to share a statement that has been on my mind for the whole week. It has been something I have been meditating on and in a way it was God prepring me for Easter. 260 more words


When U have done all U can.

When a Person want’s to do what is right and does all they can.

I mean doing the right thing as best of their ability and knowledge that all I think should be expected of them. 501 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

The Last Post I made (Staying in shape)

I Posted the Photo’s to Show People What they can look like at or Over 50 if they Keep in Shape.

U don’t have to look UR age or Even feel it,John Schneider is over 50 don’t he look Great ? 171 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

Recurrent miscarriage clinic - First appointment

In good news, we’ve officially been released from follow-up with the molar pregnancy screening service. I will need further follow up following any subsequent pregnancies (regardless of the outcome) but for now that testing is done and we can focus on trying to get pregnant again. 451 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

I love getting up Early

Early mornings are my quiet time. Sometimes I rise at 4am but most times around 5am.

You can hear the traffic in the distance but still the birds waking up overrides that mundane sound. 84 more words

Life Changes

I think everyone finds change a little bit scary, even though it’s something we all have to go through quite a lot in our lives. The most scariest changes are the ones you are forced to make yourself, where you make an active choice knowing it will change everything about your current situation and affect your whole future. 416 more words

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