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A Definition of Excellence I Can Get Behind

When I get around creative ministry folks and hear the word excellence thrown around, I always cringe a little. For one, art is subjective. Who’s to say what excellence is? 240 more words


Small Groups

Recently, I ministered at one of my favorite places, a camp here in Pennsylvania. These folks have had me back four years in a row and it’s always a great group. 382 more words


Consumer Christianity and How to Get Past It...

In the church we complain about the consumer mentality of Christians. How they are in the church for what they can get out of it and as soons as the people find someone that offers something they want, they leave the church. 664 more words


Who Are You Creating For?

I have a confession, I, Dave Weiss, am a people pleaser. I pretty much want everyone to like me. I know there could be worse things, but please understand, this is a fool’s errand. 439 more words


Accomplishing Your Goals

Last week or possible the week before I wrote a post called How Do You Eat an Elephant? I thought I’d give a little progress report. 486 more words


Robin Williams and All Us Creatives...

I almost can’t believe I am writing this post. Yesterday Robin Williams died, apparently by his own hand. It’s tragic. One who brought so much joy to so many, could no longer find it in himself. 671 more words



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