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Montana Bride

Karl Norwood was looking for a wife with children of her own. He wanted a family and will get that when his mail order bride comes, but he will know that she is hiding something from him.

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Wyoming Bride

Hannah Wentworth McMurtry had gotten married to Mr. McMurtry out of need to free her two other sisters from the orphanage. She never thought her husband would die on the trial or that she would lose track of her sisters.

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Beauty and the Blacksmith

Lady Diana Highwood has loved Aaron Dawes, the blacksmith, from a far for two years. She finally is going to show him that she wants him, that she loves him even though she knows there will be obstacles in their way.

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Ruined by Moonlight

Lady Elena Morrow will wake up dizzy and confused at her surroundings especially when she sees that there is a man next to her in bed.

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How to Lose a Bride in One Night

Annalise Hadley expected her wedding day to be something of what dreams were made of which is why she does not expect what happened. Finding herself suffocated by a pillow and thrown over the railing of the boat left Annalise with nothing but she struggled to stay alive.

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The Earl in My Bed

Paget Ellsworth walks the countryside lonely these days as her best friends are no longer at her side. One has past away while the other is at war.

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Carolina Home

Matt Fletcher knew all about commitment and how to take care of family. He excelled at it but he will be thrown by his sixteen year old son’s teacher, Allison, as she will be wanting to take care of him.

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