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Mistress By Mistake

Charlotte Fallon was considered a spinster and one with a reputation that could not be fixed thanks to her past. She will be thrust into a new scandal thanks to her sister who will flee her potential new lover for the man that wants to marry.

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Season for Scandal

Jane Tindall wanted a scandal as she wanted to be noticed. She will soon find out that having a scandal is not all that she wanted to be.

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Reading Rules and How to Break Them

Everyone has their own quirky rules for how they read or handle their books. Never bend the binding on a paperback book. Never skip to the end before starting the book. 665 more words

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Season for Surrender

Alexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, was given a wager to invite an innocent lady to one of his party’s. The innocent happened to be Miss Louisa Oliver but he will not be wanting to ruin her, he will play protector to keep her reputation safe.

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Season for Temptation

Julia Herington was happy for her sister, Louisa, but there will be a problem with her new soon to be brother in law has her heart beating for him.

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Green Eggs and Ham

As a teenager, I was never particularly interested in having children. I just didn’t have that maternal instinct. While many of my high school chums talked about becoming wives and mothers, I was more inclined to discuss going to college and becoming a psychologist. 889 more words

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in the reading room: random thoughts on Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

*Why I read this book at this particular time:

1. It’s on my Chris list, and my… 870 more words

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