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How to Build an Avid Reader in Four Easy Steps

Do you love books but have no one to share them with? Have a desire to converse with others about the written word? Do you want to finally be able to thrust a book into your friend’s hands and know for sure that they’ll read it? 462 more words

Joanne Clapa

The Cowboy Takes a Bride

Joe Daniels lost his wife and now his best friend in a matter of two years. Still grieving Joe is trying to get his life together and then Dutch’s daughter, Mariah, shows up.

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Camelot Series

Ruthi Knox is an author I have read only one book from, which I loved so I grabbed the Camelot series. For the whole weekend I went through the first book to the fourth book reading all about these Clark siblings. 604 more words

Thoughts On Books

When She Was Wicked

Miss Anabelle Honeycote was a seamstress and very good at her job only the money was not very good. Anabelle found a more lucrative way of earning money which resulted with her blackmailing clients.

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Come Home to Me

Presley Christensen was back to Whiskey Creek with her two year old son to make a life for herself. She was apphrensive about coming back but knew that Aaron would be moving away except it wasn’t fast enough as they will start to fall back into bed.

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Take Me Home for Christmas

Sophia DeBussi had lived through her own personal hell and she knew she deserved it with the choices she made through life. Determined to get her life back after her husbands death she will do what she can not to be broken.

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Home to Whiskey Creek

Adelaide Davis was back in Whiskey Creek to help out her grandmother. She would never have volunteered to come back after that night when she was sixteen but to help her grandmother she would do anything.

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