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Christmas in Lucky Harbor

Kissing Santa Claus

Sandy was heartbroken still after several months of Logan leaving. She was not expecting him to be gone so long but will be shocked when he shows up and she is in a Santa suite.

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The Grimm Origins of The Glass Slipper



Over the past couple of weeks, as I barreled first through Cinder and now Scarlet, I started thinking about the origins of these stories. Initially, my mind went directly to the classic Walt Disney films. 555 more words

Lady Anne's Lover

Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont needed to leave London immediately to get away from her father. She will disguise herself as a housekeeper. She expected an elder man but her boss was a lot younger with a missing arm.

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When She Said I Do

Miss Calliope Worthington will stumble upon a large house, walk in and help herself to some jewelry. She wasn’t going to take it as she just wanted to try it on.

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My Debt to J.K. Rowling

This post is a follow-up to my previous one, continuing a discussion of the Harry Potter craze that swept over the nation several years ago. It was written back then by one of my dear friends – a fellow Wiccan priestess who lives and practices in the mountains of western North Carolina. 705 more words


I'm Just Wild About Harry...NOT!

Note: I originally wrote this article six years ago, in the midst of the Harry Potter craze. And I want it known that I STILL have yet to read one of the books!  599 more words

Gin's Writing

In the Barrister's Chambers

Lady Evelyn Darlington needed help clearing her almost betrothed of the charges that were brought against him. She knew there was only one man she could trust for the task, Barrister Jack Harding.

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