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Confessions at Midnight

Carolyn Turner, Viscountess Wingate, was never going to love or marry again, but thanks to a book she was ready for passion. The man who would show her that passion was none other than Lord Surbrooke.

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Sleepless at Midnight

Miss Sarah Moorehouse is her sisters companion and has come with her to a house party. She is not looking for a man, only to be with her sister and friends, and in the quiet hours of the night her friends will discuss scandalous books.

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The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male

Beth Ann Williamson was done with her ex-fiance but no one in the town believed her. She was getting tried of it and when she finds herself stranded she will be bold and ask for a one night stand with Colt Waggoner.

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The Girl's Guide to (Man) Hunting

Miranda Hill will soon be plotting against the man who had broken her trust now that he is back in town. She will seduce him and when he is in a compromising position she will take photos and post them online.

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The Tattooed Duke

Duke of Wycliff, Sebastian, was back in London and found himself penniless and in need of a wealthy wife. He wants to get back to his expeditions and leave his potential bride to be in London.

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Josie Jackson wanted to walk on the wild side and date other men who were not so boring. She will be surprised when she meets Ben to find him the exact opposite of the kind of man her sister usual set her up with.

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How to Dance With a Duke

Miss Cecily Hurston wants to clear her father’s name which has been linked to a scandalous rumor. To gain access to information she must marry a club member so she can step inside the exclusive club.

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