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The Unexpected Wedding Guest

Reese Michael had been married ten years ago and it nearly broke her as she loved him. He was back now and Reese can’t deny the chemistry but she doesn’t want to feel that as he was her past.

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Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Elizabeth Scott was taking a leave of absence that was being enforced by her job as she was on probation due to a scandal. Elizabeth was able to enjoy herself some as she puts her dog through dog shows.

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Crash Landing

Billionaire Gibb Martin needed a pilot to get back to the states so he could stop his best friend from making a mistake. He will pay Sophia to take him to Florida but there will be a problem when a storm comes upon them.

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Smooth Sailing

Jeb Whitcomb was a billionaire trying to find himself to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he can change. Changing from a playboy was difficult when he was tempted left and right with a nurse who worked at his side.

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Night Driving

Boone Toliver needed to get to Key West to stop his sister from marrying a man she knew only for a month. With a very recent knee surgery he couldn’t drive himself and he had to get there by Saturday.

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Waiting on You

Colleen O’Rourke had been in love only once in her life and he was back in town to say goodbye to his uncle who was dying.

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After the fall

It begins with an ending. On a snowy night in Toronto, King Lear literally dies on stage when lead actor Arthur Leander is felled by a heart attack. 512 more words