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The Marriage Merger

Julietta Conte was determined in her job and wanted to succeed and had no time for distractions like Sawyer Wells or any other man. With every relationship she tried it just ended with her frustrated and hurt but with Sawyer he will draw out something inside of her that will make her into a new woman.

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The Marriage Mistake

Carina Conte has loved Max since she could remember but she had to forget about him and move on. It was easy until her brother decided that she should shadow Max as she started into the family business.

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Family album

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have a fat family photo album stashed in a closet. If you’re lucky, the pictures reach way back into the 20th century, stiffly-posed portraits giving way to informal photos. 519 more words

Sense & Sensibility

The Dashwood family have now been evicted from their home due to their stepbrother’s wife who wants nothing to do with them. Now Elinor, the oldest, along with Marianne, Margaret and their mother Belle have to make it on their own.

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How to Capture a Countess

Rose Balfour never thought she would be invited to her godmothers house. She went ahead to the house party for her sisters hoping that if she made a good impression her sisters would be treated the same way.

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Love and Other Scandals

Joan Bennet wants an adventure, like the ones that she has read in a scandalous books but knows the likely hood of that happening is very slim.

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in the reading room: this past week(ish) in books

Oh my, has my reading been slow lately. Don’t know what it is, but I just haven’t been in the mood. Despite some pretty damn fantastic books. 590 more words

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