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The Mediator-Darkest Hour

Susannah thought life was hard enough but now she has to endure a summer job due to Andy’s, her stepfather, rule for all the kids. So she gets a job caring for kids at the resort and will find herself in a predicament when she meets a little boy, Jack, who is a mediator but that will not be the worst of it.

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The Mediator-Reunion

Susannah will find herself in trouble when she has to now face four very angry ghost who were killed going over a cliff. She will have to find out the truth and stop them from trying to kill the boy they think is the cause for their accident.

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The Mediator-Ninth Key

Susannah is having a better start to her new life than she thought. She is going to parties and has friends but it will all start to go strange when a boy, Tad, who likes her.

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The Mediator-Shadowland

Susannah Simon or known as Suze to only her mother is having a hard time dealing with a big move from New York to California. Her mother married a man who had three sons.

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Trouble Me

Jade Radcliffe was trouble back when she was a teen as she walked the line of the law one too many times but she was now grown up and was responsible.

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Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat is a collection of three stories by three different authors, Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway and Victoria Dahl.

Love Won’t Wait

Brendan “Brick” Carlisle is used to woman falling at his feet but Merrily Loveland does not fit that mold which makes Brick want to know more about her.

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Darius Lindsey has been asked to play stud to Lord William Longstreet’s wife. Darius will accept the offer and accept the money. He will find himself falling for Lady Vivian but knows that it would never work as she is married.

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