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When Snow Falls

Cheyenne Christensen has lead a hard life and it only gets tougher as her moms, Anita, cancer is back and it looks like she will be dying very soon.

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When We Touch

Olivia Arnold wasn’t ready to come home and plan her sisters wedding to the man she thought she would’ve married. Olivia had to hold her head up high and pretend it didn’t bother her.

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Secrets of a Wedding Night

Lily Andrews, the Countess of Merrill, needed money which was why she wrote the pamphlet that was selling all over London. It was creating a big scandal and that was something she didn’t want to come near her or her sister.

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Hard As You Can

Shane McCallan was by far the most charming man in the group and it comes in handy when he is in a tough situation. He will find himself stumped when he meets Crystal.

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Hard As It Gets

Nick Rixey is ex military and is now working part time at his brothers Tattoo shop. The last thing he thought he would be doing was helping his ex-commander’s daughter find her brother.

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Soon to be Christian Hedonist...

“Delight in God as my all satisfying… He is my soul’s full satisfaction.” –John Piper (from the podcast “Ask Pastor John”- Does Christian Hedonism Confuse Joy and Faith?) 743 more words


Darkness Rises

Krysta was used to fighting on her own when it came against vampires. She will become confused when a vampire starts to save her life every time she faces a pack of vampires.

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