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The Sum of All Kisses

Hugh Prentice had a very good memory and a head for numbers which became his downfall and led him to a duel. For three years Hugh’s leg healed but he would always have a limp.

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Nash Barron liked his life in his hometown but with his estranged brother back he had not been one to want his big brother back. Now that some time has passed Nash is learning to forgive after all these years with the help of Kelly.

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Faith Harrington knew coming back to her hometown would be hard but she had to start over. People were not overly friendly to her thanks to what her father had done but she was determined to make it work.

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Something about Harry

“The bare bones of a well-told story required coherence, ironic asides and a plot as well-knit and tied together as a jigsaw puzzle and somewhere in it a detail as provocative as a cat in a tree.” 295 more words

The Perfect Murder

Sebastian Costas has been driven for the past year to find his ex wife and son’s murderer. Sebastian will be getting closer to the killer and will be led to California, and to the organization Last Stand.

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The Perfect Liar

Luke Trussell was a good man in the air force but will find himself drunk one night and making a mistake with a one night stand.

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About Last Night

Cath Talarico has made plenty of mistakes but she had been doing good. Then with a blind date and too many drinks she wakes up in a strangers bed but he isn’t exactly a stranger.

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