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50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

In lieu of gaining 500 subscribers and today being Friday, I wanted to do a fun yet thought-provoking post. So I went hunting online and stumbled upon a website called… 2,002 more words


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Love this girl. She is brilliant and talented. Give this a read!

Eating God, The Mind of Christ, and other offenses to Western thought

I am doing some background study on 1st  Corinthians, and I am struck by the  beautiful strangeness of Christianity. 

The scene is Corinth, a wealthy, diverse city. 455 more words


Fievel Goes West

So something I have not talked a lot about here is my job. I have one, which is good. And I like it a lot, which is even better. 249 more words

What Drives You Crazy About Modern Life?

Modern life drives me bonkers! Watch Steve Martin lose the plot about the ridiculousness of his stressful situation. P.S If you have sensitive ears, he does swear (a lot) in this clip, skip the video…however, it’s truly comical…even the nicest guy can go loco. 539 more words

Alana Munro

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One of the most irritating things to me is how people drive these days. There are so many people on the road, each with their own agenda and schedule and speed limit and cell phone. They don't know how to merge, they follow too closely, they text and talk on their phones, and most recently, people are now listening to music on their earbuds while they drive!! What is wrong with all of you? Not to say that I'm not guilty of things like speeding or following too closely, but I never text while driving and I always try to merge properly when I can. However, it seems like everyone else around me feels the need to get there first, get ahead of me and everyone else just to save (in most cases) under 30 seconds of time. They drive 60 in a 45mph zone, they don't let people merge when a lane ends, people go flying up the lane that is about to end and then expect you to let them in in front of you. All of this creates unnecessary anger and danger! Why can't we all just drive at a reasonable pace and arrive safely? Why do we feel the need to check our cell phones constantly instead of giving our full attention to the road? And why, for the love of God why, can't people figure out how to merge from two lanes into one?! It's a simple you go, I go system. Just let one person in front of you and everything will be just peachy. Now go forth and stop being an asshole on the road.

Fall in love

Let me fall in love with your soul
And see all the parts of you invisible to the eyes.
Let me find myself
while getting lost in us. 143 more words

Thoughts On Life!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I haven’t been able to track down a single person to whom I can give credit for this saying, if one even exists. I’ve gotten hits from Dr. 275 more words

Thoughts On Life