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7 Stages of Wages

So I’ve noticed that I go through a range of stages when waiting for and then receiving my wages.

1. I’m so rich

Stage 1 is that feeling you have the day of and the day after being paid. 351 more words

One A Day

The Local Library: Not Just For Kiddos

About a month ago, I re-discovered something truly amazing that I hadn’t even thought about for probably a decade.

I was making my normal rounds through Barnes & Noble, wishing that I had some extra pocket money for some books that I’d like to read. 447 more words

Little Rock

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I originally started going back to the library for this very same reason. As a poor college student, and with some free time on my hands, I couldn't possibly afford to buy all the books I wanted to read. And then the habit just sort of stuck after I graduated and was living on my own and had to *gasp* pay my own bills! And now, I can't imagine not having access to the magical land that is the local library (regardless of wherever that local location might be).

Collecting Books

I could start a library…


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It's a lifestyle...

Talking Taboo: Writing About Sensitive Topics

Over in the Commons for Writing 201, we’ve been working on finding our angles as writers. I’ve found myself responding to the same question from several bloggers: “I want to write about X, but I don’t want to seem too opinionated. 931 more words


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The truth is out there!

Dear Students


Dear students,


As the school year is beginning around the country and you prepare for school, I know many of you are not very happy.  You wish summer would last longer.   310 more words


Hair today Gone tomorrow! (aka pluck tweeze at your ease)... Am I starting to repeat myself yes I am.

Hello Skinlovers!
Here we are again was looking through my files (yes again I do not want to write anything because it will be political and I have said what I need to say time and time again so enough is enough). 904 more words