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What Are Friends For?

Do you ever feel like just about everything is against you? Like no one understands and no one wants to understand? Nobody cares? Like you’re alone? 2,239 more words

Thoughts On Life

A Tale from the 21 Year-Old Guitarist

So at 21 years old I decided to teach myself the guitar, and honestly I’ve got to say I never realized how hard rhythm comprehension is. 298 more words

Thoughts On Life

Easter reflections 2014

So often we travel through our lives not paying attention to all of the blessings and gifts that we are given on a regular basis. It is rare when we pause long enough to notice each of the precious moments that flit past before we can even acknowledge them. 315 more words

Thoughts On Life

They're All Consequential

To add to the many parallels that connect this cub and cougar, as Nance celebrated her milestone birthday to kick-off a decade of consequence, I believe that every one of my birthdays has consequence. 407 more words

The Cub

Made More Beautiful

I don’t get out much. Sure, I get to explore the neighborhood on walks. I have complete power over my backyard paradise. And I know the dog park like the back of my paw. 584 more words

Man's Best Friend

so long for now

when your favorite TV shows end for the season, do you feel like it’s goodbyes to friends who dropped by every week and now they won’t be?

Thoughts On Life

Dreams are a funny thing...

Most people know the old adage “junk in, junk out” but I’ve often wondered how true this is in regards to dreams. I know I’ve put a lot of junk in so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I get junk out, but sometimes it makes me wonder. 96 more words

Thoughts On Life