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So I haven’t had a brownie in two weeks. That’s right, two weeks! I hear your collective gasps. And the wheels in your brains whirring. You are wondering, with great alarm, why in the world I would torture myself in this cruel, inhumane fashion. 422 more words

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Book Review: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL by JD March

Dance with the Devil
By JD March

A book review by Charles Johnson Western Genre
Published by FIVE STAR, A part of Gale Cengage Learning 353 pages… 1,021 more words

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WEEK 36 - The incompleteness of Statistics

I am:
A white (1) male (2) who is retired( 3) from teaching (4) and on a pension (5) who belongs to AARP (6) and is a church goer (7) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (8) and will soon be on social security (9) and owns some lake property (10) where I fish (11) and use a gas outboard motor (12). 678 more words

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DA-DA-DAH (sound a trumpet makes) . . .

So I’m going to toot my own horn on this blog post today. I don’t have a lot of experience tooting my own horn, or anyone else’s for that matter― that sounds kinda dodgy. 423 more words

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What Are You Doing That's Better (my ode to crossfit)

So, this isn’t for or against CrossFit. As many criticisms as I have, I probably have just as many things I can support, as is the case with most things. 299 more words

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Week 35 - Chanhassen's HELLO DOLLY Reviewed

Reviewing HELLO DOLLY at Chanhassen.

HELLO DOLLY is a show that many theatres do – and that is so very well-known. It has been done before at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. 1,138 more words

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Week 34 - Redoing the Pledge?

I allege malfeasance to the plague
Of the Polarized States of America,
And from the rhetoric from which it spreads,
Our nation,
Under such fraud, 60 more words

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