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Israel: The Bullied Schoolboy. Heh.

I saw this video on a forum where everyone was praising how “accurate” and “spot-on” it was in describing the relationship between Gaza and Israel. 131 more words

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Some thoughts on this MEME by REVOLUTION

… this MEME showed up online, and I need to address it.  It was shared by a friend – and it apparently originated with a group called The Revolution, which has a presence on Facebook.   1,142 more words

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Week 30 - My Fair (Change that to Stupendous) Lady, My Sub-Mediocre Twins

This weekend Wilma and I traveled down to the Cities to join our daughter and her hubby at a Twins game, then a night in the downtown Radisson, and then taking a shot at getting rush tickets for My Fair Lady.   895 more words

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ALMOST (kinda, sorta, maybe, okay not really) FAMOUS . . .

So I Googled myself the other day. (Yeah, like you’ve never done that.) I was just curious to see if I’ve been up to anything interesting. 578 more words

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Week 29 The Anniversary of the Moon - so WHERE NEXT?

I know, it’s not Monday again.  I’ve been missing that self-imposed deadline lately.  Just so I get something posted…

The 20th of July — 45 years ago, the United States and the rest of the world watched as Armstrong and Aldrin stepped down onto the moon – the first humans to do so. 580 more words

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Week 28 - Lebron, Jesse, Cars and Dogs and Kids (dedicated to my good pal TC....)

I’m a day late, and that’s just the way it went.  Let’s start off with the people category.

Can someone — anyone at all – tell me the dang importance of… 683 more words

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A flower or a monster?

Flowers are living life forms. Commonly thought by human beings beautiful or pretty, some humans grow them in their backyard for a more attractive outlook of their home and garden. 441 more words

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