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Week 29 The Anniversary of the Moon - so WHERE NEXT?

I know, it’s not Monday again.  I’ve been missing that self-imposed deadline lately.  Just so I get something posted…

The 20th of July — 45 years ago, the United States and the rest of the world watched as Armstrong and Aldrin stepped down onto the moon – the first humans to do so. 580 more words

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Week 28 - Lebron, Jesse, Cars and Dogs and Kids (dedicated to my good pal TC....)

I’m a day late, and that’s just the way it went.  Let’s start off with the people category.

Can someone — anyone at all – tell me the dang importance of… 683 more words

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A flower or a monster?

Flowers are living life forms. Commonly thought by human beings beautiful or pretty, some humans grow them in their backyard for a more attractive outlook of their home and garden. 441 more words

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So, I got notified today that the story I submitted to a regional publication has not been accepted for this year’s anthology. They thanked me for taking the time to send in my story, competition is always fierce, they hoped I would submit again next year, blah, blah, blah. 498 more words

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Week 26 - The Fourth, A Family Reunion, The Facebook Personality Test - Start Seeing Motorcycles? Right!

Let’s start this week with some good stuff — some good people stuff.

Fourth of July – I was most fortunate (along with Wilma) to spend the holiday with some very good friends … former students – but I have to finally quit referring them to former students – that’s 30 years ago, doggone it!   581 more words

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Week 25 - Hobby Lobby and a Golf Story


I have a thought or two here;  these are in no particular order…. and some more relevant than others…

It seems there are many places that talk about how this isn’t so far-reaching as one may think — there are reports of ‘but it doesn’t cover this kind of birth control’ or ‘that kind of birth control’….   910 more words

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Let's Stick to the Constitution, folks... even you, Rep. Boehner.

In my world, we have a government that functions on a system of checks and balances.  The executive branch has the veto power.  The legislature can override a veto.   500 more words

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