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Nov 23 Obscure Football Bowl Games

With the Minnesota Gophers football team headed to a very good record this year, and therefore, a very good shot at a well-known bowl game, the TV talking heads have quit surmising about the Gophers penchant for getting selected for such small time bowl games – particularly the Music Bowl in Nashville. 459 more words

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Nov 22 - Names, Names, Names

Nov 22 – Names, Names, Names

In 34 years of teaching and in almost 61 years of living, there are so very many names that have crossed my path. 583 more words

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Nov. 21 The Amazingness of the Piano

A piano is an amazing thing . . .  A Marvel to Behold.

At least, it serves as furniture.  At the most, it is a musical instrument that can stir souls. 511 more words

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Hola Bitches!

UM – The protesters — led by the activist group By Any Means Necessary — issued a set of demands, including doubling underrepresented minority student enrollment, adopting a version of a Texas plan offering admission to anyone finishing in the top 10% of his or her high school class in Texas, having on-site admissions enrollment in Detroit’s high schools, and creating a special scholarship for undocumented students… 70 more words

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Nov. 20 Meanwhile, Down in the Parkville School Gym

There we all sat.  It’s the last day of school before Christmas break, and the entire student body of the Parkville elementary school are sitting in the basement gym, getting ready for the annual Christmas treat. 933 more words

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The Friend Zone You Think You're in Doesn't Actually Exist

The dreaded friend zone is one of the modern males worst enemies. It harbors a hostile environment built on mixed signals and passive-aggressive attempts at finding a way out of its clutches. 1,354 more words

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Nov. 19 - My Cameras; A History

Just this year, I joined the local camera/photography club.  Geeky?  Yeah, and so what!  I have enjoyed photography for a long time.

Let me take you back to the 60s.  748 more words

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