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A Skip in Time

I have spent a long time back in Australia since my year away in Germany, and while I still speak fondly of my time there, I have a few confessions to make. 436 more words

Life Update

Week 16 - Yay! I got a letter from a political party!

The letter came in the mail early last week.  Business size, sufficient postage, postmarked on April 16 out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The return address was that of the local county office of the XXX political party, using a particular box number right here in town. 432 more words

Thoughts On Stuff

You're Soft (unless you have a vagina)

If you’re a guy – man, boy, tough guy… anything with a dick, your girl is tougher than you. Your wife, your girlfriend, your fuck buddy… whatever else. 376 more words

Thoughts On Stuff

Week 15 - Friends, A Concert, and stupid reaction to sporting events

Wilma and I planned a few months ago to take in the Michael Johnson concert – and things ended up so much better than we thought. 596 more words

Thoughts On Stuff


So Spring has finally sprung! How do I know? I hear birds chirping outside my bedroom window at the crack of dawn. I see curbs and all the potholes winter left behind. 602 more words

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Pay the Price

I just read a short article / advertisement, can’t tell which it was – probably paid to have it look like an article. Anyway, they were trying to push the whole “10 minutes is all you need to get a great WORKOUT in”. 339 more words

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Week 13 - ‘AMERICAN ENCORE’ – A site practicing freedom of speech, but ignoring the responsibility of speech

They (and others like them) want us to give them all OUR identity, but they bury their identity – or for that matter, don’t reveal it at all.  784 more words

Thoughts On Stuff