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Where To Buy ML Kilian Novels

I am asked this question often. Via email, Facebook, and in person. So, I figured I would post where my books can be purchased, and here it is. 53 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Last minute

I realized I usually wait until the last hour of the day to write on my blog and then I rush to say something just so I can get a post in before midnight and end up writing about nothing in particular or posting a video instead of something worthwhile and interesting. 10 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Famous Quotes by Writers on Writing

There’s a reason some of us call ourselves writers.  There is something mysterious or alluring about the beckoning page or blinking screen.

There is a certain power to writing.  498 more words


Top Six Reasons Why Giving Birth is More Fun Than Querying my Novel

I spent months researching how to write a query letter, visiting the plethora of blogs dealing with the matter. I picked through Nathan Bransford’s upbeat and encouraging query instructionals. 527 more words


Constant inspiration

I watch some TV series and I get inspired to write and work on my pilot. I go to the queer film festival and I watch… 130 more words


Salomon Pico Addendum

It is past time to make good my promise to the history buff followers of this column to share findings from my research.

Of my ongoing projects, the latest development of interest concerns my research into the life of California bandit Salomon Pico, considered by some the Zorro model. 580 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Thoughts on writing and marketing

I love odd starts in novels. Ones that, for instance

Trip you up and make you ask yourself what the writer meant by that

Encapsulate the general theme of the novel by looking at a specific or allegorical item… 409 more words

Thoughts On Writing