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Back Stories

A few weeks ago I read a post that really caught my imagination. It was Matt Wright’s post on Tolkien’s published appendices. The question that came to mind is how can the volumes of back story that we create for each character, plot, location, and obstacle be used other than to help write the story? 424 more words


Learning about the rules

I just finished reading Donna’s observation about when the world changed for her at eleven and there has been something stuck in my mind for a long time that I feel the need to get out.   534 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Wrong Side Of Amazon

Is there a wrong side of Amazon? Is there a punishment algorithm for those who violate the expectations of this mighty retailer?

I’ve heard many stories from those who have failed to follow directions, particularly authors. 645 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Writing Musts: Except Your Brilliance

After toiling away at the first draft of a novel, pouring so much enthusiasm into the beast, heaping tremendous amounts of your own brilliance into your storytelling with an assortment of carefully chosen words and plot development, expectations… 1,236 more words


The Writing Critic's Singularity

Now that I’ve had a contentious post to prove that I’m not afraid to criticize the writing of others-because that needed further proving, apparently- I’m going to retreat back to the comforting trenches of introspection. 1,169 more words


Just Write

Okay. We all know it doesn’t come down to simply writing your story. There is much that goes into the process – including pre-draft preparation. Some may even argue it’s the most important step. 1,236 more words


The Perils of Writing with Hubris

Or, “Why It’s Occasionally Good To Get Called Out On Your Nonsense.” First, a little backstory, because I do love a good bit of world-building. Honestly, I’m surprised characters these days don’t just fall through the gaping holes in the ground beneath them! 792 more words