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Why Their Success Story is not Your Success Story

Recently, while reading an encouraging piece about someone’s ten steps to successful book marketing, it dawned on me that there might possibly be more authors of how-to-succeed books than people who are actually successful authors. 561 more words

Thoughts On Writing

35 Writers Who Run The Literary Internet I'd Like To Invite To A Dinner Party

Naturally I read articles involving and revolving around the literary world, immersing myself in everything writing related. So, it was the norm when I saw… 64 more words

Thoughts On Writing

"I Write Like..." Which Author?

A writer friend shared with me a link to “I Write Like.” You paste a section of your own writing into the text box and then it analyzes the writing to see which author’s works it most resembles. 168 more words


Delays, Delays...

Just a quick post.

I want to apologize and thank all of my loyal readers that have been waiting patiently for the release of my new novel,  70 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Lifelong project

I am not sure what time frame to reference. Maybe I can just say “nowadays”. Or maybe I’ve felt this way forever.

There is just way more out there to learn and hear, than I will ever physically be able to experience, which makes me feel very stuck. 604 more words

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The Bean and I


I’m currently struggling with a virus that eventually hits all of us who put pen to paper…or in today’s electronic world, fingers to keyboard. 868 more words


Writing regularly

This is one thing I struggle with. I can’t get into a routine to write. I write as and when I have time or feel like it. 351 more words