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Guest Post

So all this month I’ve been the featured author at Drey’s Library. She’s been a gracious host, and you should certainly check out the site as a whole. 63 more words

The Stolen

OK, O.K., Ok, Okay!

“OK” is one of my verbal tics. I use it constantly. In speaking, in writing… I pepper “OK” over everything I say.
A state of being, “I’m OK.” 465 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Back On The Blog

Hi everyone! Yoohoo! *Waves madly with both arms while onlookers surreptitiously bow their heads or pretend to focus their attention on something desperately interesting on the horizon. 703 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Pace and Flow

Last week I talked a bit about the idea that writing has a pace. Stories have pace and flow too. That should be a little obvious, right? 289 more words

Thoughts On Writing

I Love to Read Month: Celebrating Books and Writers

In Manitoba, where I live, February is “I Love to Read” month.  It’s a time when books are celebrated in schools, libraries and homes, when the benefits of reading are touted, and when readers of all ages are encouraged to hunker down with a good book during one of our coldest months.  615 more words
Thoughts On Writing.

Which Book To Read First By M.L.Kilian

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, when discussions about my books come about. It got me thinking that I needed to include the answer in my blog, to make sure it’s public knowledge.   307 more words

Thoughts On Writing