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Revising is no fun

I had one goal for yesterday: final revisions on a short story named The Key. I visualized breezing through it, editing out a few “to be” verbs, and marking it off my to do list before lunch. 173 more words

Thoughts On Writing


And this is why I write.  It’s a terrible addiction and a ruthless dragon to chase.


Take A Poll - How Do you Handle Challenges

I should probably clarify, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, some are small and some are life changing. So while wearing my salesman hat, aiming to get a buzz about my book, I decided to take a poll about how people approach bumps in the road.

Take Our Poll
Thoughts On Writing

A Duel Upon the Razor's Edge: Of Heroes, Antiheroes and Mopey Leads (Pt. 1)

Alright, while I try to think of ideas for next Monday, here’s a less-regular set of themed articles, focusing on ideas (mostly in writing) that I think are good, but need… 1,578 more words


The Power of Free Revisited

As my sales lagged this month I went back to my surefire method of the past: free books. But I found that downloads of the free book during this time diminished by half, or more. 365 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Sleep and Deprivation

This post comes to you from Sleep and Deprivation. I.E. 10 hour night shifts for the past 5 days.

Sleep and Deprivation would like to convey their sincerest apologies for robbing Zeiger of coherent thought…thus why they are writing and she is not. 122 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Comic Con FanX 2014. . .Costumes and Recap!

As a panelist for this past weekend’s Comic Con FanX 2014, I had a bird’s-eye view of some amazing trends in speculative fiction.

Perched up there among other fabulous authors, filmmakers, and comic artists, I tried to add a relevant chirp or two, which I will be blogging about topically in case you missed attending the con. 117 more words

Thoughts On Writing