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Having Fun Experimenting

I am still working on the story that I am still outlining.  I am also working on some nonfiction short pieces to submit to some magazines.   381 more words

My Writing Journey

Limited sad writing

There’s only so much sad material I can write before I have to stop. It seems I can write depressing fiction, but when it’s non-fiction, there’s a limit. 30 more words


Nobody Reads Anything

They like it or follow as the headline scrolls by

But the idea of reading it doesn’t take root.

Even clicking the title seems a price just too high, 357 more words


On Censorship

The other day I found a cockroach in the bathroom. We’ve censored them, with pesticides and curses, but still they creep in, from cracks under the sink, from beneath the door. 14 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Music and Writing

I’m just wondering, as I’m sitting here listening to Florence and the Machine, who here listens to music as they write? Do they find it calming or annoying? 148 more words

Which Book To Read First By M.L.Kilian

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, when discussions about my books come about. It got me thinking that I needed to include the answer in my blog, to make sure it’s public knowledge.   307 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Beta Reader Feedback

Last week, I blogged about using, finding and preparing beta readers. In this post, following my experience with The Case for Killing and False Guilt… 498 more words

Creating The Best Book