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As of Today

The inferiority of a bastard misbegotten, abandoned and walked away from … Absentee without a clue why. No knowledge of dreaded upon act that caused resentments unknown. 88 more words

Thoughts Out Loud

It’s impossible to regret anything, because everything I’ve done has led me to the point where I am today.

Thoughts Out Loud

Middle Child(ren) Problems

I have never been a fan of classrooms. Whether because my anxiety overruled my ability to concentrate, or just whether the work wasn’t stimulating enough. She had the same problem – you could tell we were sisters. 255 more words

Thoughts Out Loud.

I Confess

It is true. I have felt pain. Pain is a deep felt emotion. Not many of us can escape it.  Those that claim not to know it, I am convinced, are either pretending it doesn’t exist or have a couple of “emotional” screws missing. 354 more words


Thoughts Out Loud: Humility

Yuck… the subject of humility seems to be the focus of everything I do anymore. That probably sounds just a tad odd to say, but hey. 797 more words

Thoughts Out Loud

You’ll never find what you want until you stop being what you’re not.

Thoughts Out Loud

There is nothing crueller than school children

High school was a misery. Yes the whole structure of it had flaws but, that extended to it’s pupils also.

Dear class of 2007-2011

I didn’t like the way I was peer pressured to have a “boyfriend” by aged 12. 748 more words

Thoughts Out Loud.