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Without physical or emotional force.


With company and friends.

I’m blessed

I won’t deny, but am unhappy with my hand I’ve been dealt… too late to fold and too much gained to hit restart… the process or processes I should state. 77 more words

Thoughts Out Loud

A lot of the Times

I am ensnared, unable to roam freely. A lot of the times, I feel as if an imaginary hand is pressing me flat towards the earth. 162 more words

Thoughts Out Loud


I grasp for you but you always seem to elude

I yearn to feel you when day gives way to night… in between those moments where all pauses and time seems to pass. 61 more words

Thoughts Out Loud

I cherish the twilight, I chose to run from the rays of the burning sun.

I wear a mask from myself… once I remove the cape and glasses fall back into place

Blended back into obscurity… sitting back into my pain… 77 more words

Thoughts Out Loud

I'm Not Happy

Just like when I lived with my mum, my surroundings resemble my internal feelings. A fucking mess.

Honestly my flat is a pigsty, and has been for nearly 2 weeks. 484 more words

Thoughts Out Loud.


I fear I have nothing intelligent to say

I fear all will turn their heads away

I fear that I don’t write in rhyme

I fear that I’ll run out of time… 47 more words

Thoughts Out Loud


I think of dying… how easy it could be

how difficult it could be

how quiet it could be

I think I died…     how easy it was… 14 more words

Thoughts Out Loud