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#miracle 2

She was a pretty sight to behold but she really shouldn’t feel pretty with that limp that seems to be weighing her down. I really wasn’t sure of the gender but only a beauty can look like that beautiful from my view here. 57 more words


The Pre-Travel Ecstasy

I am sitting among a gigantic pile of clothes, not knowing what to do. And I have to leave for a flight to Czech Republic in 7 hours. 546 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


there are no straight paths

nor right ones

nothing leads to nowhere

everything leads to death

whether you go on

whether you stay

your grave is where your feet… 7 more words


#miracle 1

My eyes follows my heart and this time for the first time, they were in sync. What I saw that caught my eyes was worth watching but I was few miles away, I could still watch this. 40 more words


Why am I awake?!

It’s 3:08am EST, and I’m wide awake! Not just awake, but awake watching videos amd laughing smh. The brain is just too stimulated right now. Smh. 64 more words