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Due to the ugliness of every single society, it is no wonder that people often live in paranoia, fears that someone’s out to get them.  But you have to remember, that the good will outweigh the bad every single time, just go out into mother nature and see it for yourself. 93 more words

Feelings & Emotions


When I finally wake up, I may have something better to say.

Dear overthinker, breathe.

Okay here is the confession.

When something happened, or event that make us feel like “I’m thrown at the corner”, “nobody care a thing on me”, and so much more self-down-impressions which probably due to yeah I would say from nature (so we, human doesn’t own a single blame haha). 715 more words


Grand Theft Auto V is Outdated.

I have to share a few quick thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V, the worldwide phenomenon, and why it leaves a lot to be desired. 713 more words


Do you ever hear a voice in your head?

Everyone does.  It’s the volumeless voice.  I think I hear it, but my ears aren’t doing anything, ear respond to sound, and thoughts make no sound.   739 more words

King of this Heart

A fanfiction story I wrote because after hearing a song by the same name I couldn’t not write it.

Tick, tick, tick, the clock’s hands moved without one moment to lose while Susan slumped into the nearest chair and rubbed her hands over her face. 635 more words


365 Reasons to Smile - Day 286

When I was a child, my mother took me to Portland to see Mr. Rogers in person. We even have a photo of me sitting right in front of him. 1,447 more words

My Life