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In my mind.

If there’s light there is also darkness
If there’s love there is also hate
If there’s doubt there is also depression
When there’s sleep I don’t want to be awake… 78 more words


On Pictures, Moms, and Alliteration

Today is one of those wake-up-at-ten-o’clock kind of days.

One of those days where you wanted to roll out of bed with every intention of being productive with the rest of your day, but you were actually just like: 364 more words

As Big as the Sky

There is nothing as big as the sky.
And beyond that, space –

I park at Best Buy.

They would be perfect, so perfect
For my vehicle – a company that sells itself. 76 more words

Appearances are deceiving

Same way things are not the way they seem to be, people are different as well. At first sight a person can only give two impressions: good or bad. 627 more words


A Different Kind of Fun

I love summertime learning with kids. Since I rarely make formal lesson plans for the summer months, it always ends up being a time for spontaneous fun and all the random little projects we think are cool but never got around to trying before. 569 more words

New Wine - Day 1

God willing, we are safely arrived in Somerset, tent pitched, and on our way to evening celebrations!


Running Away

The exam seemed to fly by, not because it was easy, but because my mind travelled back to Dad’s diagnosis of cancer in 1989. It is difficult to explain, but my mind was heading in complete different directions which may have been why I felt complete confusion when the Doctor said, ‘I am almost 100% sure your Mom has ‘early on-set’ Alzheimer’s. 616 more words