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A Night at the Opera #MovieReview

Film 86 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1935′s “A Night at the Opera”. Long story short, this wasn’t great. Comedy that was either outdated or ran for so long that it didn’t become funny. 1,405 more words


The Odd Results Of Productivity

I love feeling productive. I love the feeling that I have when I know I’ve done a bunch of solid work in a given day. In my life, that usually means having written a satisfying amount of words toward my thesis, and if the day was particularly good, having written some words toward a story or a poem maybe. 203 more words


Notes on Ben Highmore: Questioning everyday life, Introduction.

I’ve been through this text so many times that I cannot explain myself why it still keeps being obscure and complex. I used to find so many excuses like: “Oh, it’s really late, I might be tired.”, “Well, it’s early, maybe I’m not fully awake yet. 629 more words

Contemporary And Digital Practice


We have all heard it,

Be it in a word or in a sound,

It defies our senses and our wits,

To the good earth, it leaves us bound. 79 more words



For a long time I’ve thought about what success really is and what it means to me.

In my teens I’ve always associated success with fame, money and beauty, big houses and a big booty (sorry, went off track there, it rhymed, I had to do it). 123 more words


Love stripes! #stripes

As you already know, I just love stripes. Read this article about stripes and it’s true how classy and chic they are! They can go with any occasion and it looks effortless. 27 more words



What happens when you find yourself no longer attracted to your mate/spouse?

Have you ever been in this situation? Care to share??