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Don't Pick It!

There’s a scab formed over the healing,

Crusted, dark red with an itch.

There’s a tendency to pick at the edges

Which makes it a bit of a bitch… 95 more words


Moments of mercy

Blue lights flash

unexpected this lazy sunny holiday

people moving about



somewhere someone’s life hangs

in the balance

between speed and mercy

copter sits in the open… 90 more words


She's back...

Well well well, now things have settled down in life I’ve decided I need to set time aside to get back into my writing again. I know right, ‘she says!’ 109 more words


My 5 Rules for Critiques

These past few months I’ve sought out a lot more critiques on my work, and as a result I’ve heard a lot of things I’d rather not. 579 more words


How do you know when to end or begin a relationship?

I have had the unfortunate pattern of liking someone, seeing them for awhile and then after a little over a month or so just getting so annoyed and hostile towards them. 682 more words


Night Creatures

“What’s that for?”

I was afraid, not scared, and curious why my cousin’s husband picked up a palm-sized rock from the ground. With the faint illumination coming from a disposable lighter with a pilot light, we trudged through the gravely path, not knowing what to expect on the road ahead. 480 more words


Boxes and Dreams

It was a simpler world into which they had been born. It was a different time, a different generation. There was not much you could be. 204 more words