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New Wine - Day 7

Today’s programme:

Morning celebration, teaching and ministry

I am hoping to attend seminars on:
How to Handle Biblical Hot Potatoes
Prophecy 2

Evening celebration, teaching and ministry


मेरे गुरु

उनके पैरों की आहट आने का पैगाम , कुछ इस तरह लाती है उनके पहुंचने से ,
पहले हवाएँ महक जाती हैं।

वो हैं सद्गुरु मेरे और हैं मेरे खुदा ,


Happy August, WordPress.

Make it a good month for yourself.

You have three more months left of this year.

So go out there and accomplish all the things you want to accomplish, 24 more words

Life's Friendly Warning ~

Always on the prow for his next prey
Those unlucky enough to fall in his snare
Are really the ones in need for repair
They exercise hate distorting their perception… 85 more words

You will fail me

I know you will fail me,

just like Jesus knew oh too well in the beginning that Judas would betray him

but he still called him and mentored him and loved on him and walked with him. 311 more words

Spoken Word

Secret Lives Of Second-Hand Books

I buy tons of second-hand books. Partly for price, and partly for the inscriptions, notes in the margin, library stamps, and the occasional receipt for a sandwich or bus ticket, that has been used as a bookmark. 219 more words