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Breaking For A Few Days

I will not be posting a devotion until next Thursday. Some of my children are taking a mini vacation with their grandparents and so we will not be having our normal family devotions. 32 more words

Daily Devotions

Your move, chief.

When I was young I played a lot of roleplaying games, both pen-and-paper and on the computer. One core concept of those games was experience. The more your character in the game did things, the more experience he gained, and the more powerful he became. 322 more words

Daily Prompt

Your Facebook Relationship Status

The issue of making one’s relationship public knowledge has always been one I considered quietly…

Although, gone are the days when Facebook was the top social media platform for friends and strangers to stay connected and interract, the idea of making one’s partner’s identity public (on social media) still carries a question mark. 266 more words


bellwethers and outliers inc.

Dear Muggles,

Perhaps we are fragile because we’re finely tuned. Perhaps instead of ignoring us, you ought to make us comfortable and then listen with respect. 382 more words


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A passionate and well-grounded look into society and how we are to fit in to that society--imagine us!! Wined and dined in the future for our know-all on madness!! Ahh a girl can dream....

Mostly Sunny today! With a high of 77F and a low of 63F. I always follow back!

Mostly Sunny today! With a high of 77F and a low of 63F. I always follow back!

— Emily Baldy (@emilybalp) August 30, 2014

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Opinions, you know the old Adage, Everybody has one and usually everybody thinks theirs is correct, contrary to what other people may have to say on the subject. 432 more words


Daily Quote

“Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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