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I recently finished reading Dave Eggers’┬ánovel “The Circle,” a creepily compelling story about a large technology company that slowly seeks to own and monetize all┬áinformation, everywhere. 559 more words


The Salzburg Waltz

Free-associating Salzburg, one might think of music, Mozart, Alps, von Trapps, or beer. Your immediate response would be spot-on but terribly narrow.

Arriving from Slovenia, Katie and I debarked our train to find Salzburg absolutely baking. 1,346 more words


Afternoon Affirmation

Afternoon Affirmation: I am BLACK GOLD of the SUN….I RISE, I SHINE, I get things DONE.


~SOULar Lioness



Uncertainty. Questions. Answers.

There is a good supply of all of these things in our world, but they don’t always match up with each other. 76 more words


Catch 22!

Life is a funny thing, and an even funnier part of life is job searching. A lot of us can spend several hours in a day, every day in a week, and every week in a month trying to find employment. 712 more words


Even Roses Fade

Don’t be so cruel,
Look at the world around you,
Cold, barren, and lifeless.
I’ve never thought life was easy.
Yet I remember when the world still shined with opportunity, 13 more words


it was great while it lasted

you can’t tell your heart what to do,
which is the perfect excuse of how illogical it is behaving.
despite my efforts to keep myself occupied and upbeat, 135 more words