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Thought For The Day

Quote: The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.~ Carlos Santana… 10 more words

Thought For The Day

Fictional Women I Imagine I Will Become When I Move to New York

All my life I’ve fashioned myself after characters in movies, books, and popular culture. I’m highly susceptible to cultural influences and because of this, sometimes I live in a fantasy world: I glamorize people, places, and things, and I’m constantly searching for moments that I might be able to feel nostalgic about in the future. 784 more words



“Poor things, we gasp and strain to capture love, and in our hands, it powders at our touch”

“Well, I am game.” Are you?


The Dreaded Mondays'

The dreaded Mondays are always the struggle of any American’s Sundays.

The thought of the end of a beautiful weekend is spoiled by the mounts of paperwork awaiting on the desk or the anticipation of a crucial exam.   400 more words


In honor of World Gratitude Day.....

My photography work and typography work #2 for the day in honor of World Gratitude Day. :)


The Singular "They"

“They” is perfectly acceptable when used as a gender neutral, third person, singular pronoun. For centuries some of the greatest thinkers and writers have used it in this way; most English speakers in today’s world also use it in every day speech. 150 more words


Pet peeve: obnoxiously dominant people.

I am honestly sick and tired of people. Really.

I simply do not and will not understand why some people have this obnoxious need to be in control of practically every single thing that’s going on at the given moment.  477 more words