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Young Love

What is love?  Is it a social status, or can it be real at such a young age?  Adults try and make it sound black and white,  either it can or it can’t.   424 more words


Any other way

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I wish things would have turned out any other way. I feel like each time this happens it’s a reminder to me that I don’t have as much control over things as I think  I do and also that I’m not always to blame. 118 more words



Violence against women. Sounds huge: violence against women, misogyny, these words bring up powerful pictures in all our minds, all different for each of us. Reading and watching society mull over these issues is like watching fourth graders try to discuss philosophy while giving each other wedgies. 292 more words


"Hobby" Heartache

(note: I’m going to be pretty vague in this post. I don’t want to put a lot of detail because A. it’ll reveal how childish this really is and B. 445 more words


Depths of Truth

An open book, so easy to read

Depths of moss-like green windows

Always open, beckoning to read

To see into the soul

Never shielded, always too trusting… 22 more words


Without Audience

To be yourself. 
To be different. 
To be what you always knew you could be but never were able to because…every single reason on the face of this earth.  311 more words