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Stefanovic the Brave? Razer the Loon?

Helen Razer calls into question the supposed bravery and heroics of Morning presenter Karl Stefanovic for wearing the same suit every day for a year. While I think the epithets are overblown, I nevertheless find it admirable that Stefanovic at least tried to push the issue into the mainstream consciousness. 1,376 more words



He sees her as a still silhouette stark against the bright, bustling world. In truth, however, what he sees is only her empty shadow. And in that darkness, she hides all her different cracks and colors.


commentary on commentary

You are a parrot, and the choir has come to hear you sing, your enemies to heckle, and everyone else to forget. It was my intention to talk about the news feeds of the Ferguson shooting situation. 134 more words


In Awe

May 12, 2014. I never thought that I would find these impeccable breakwaters in Laguna. I always thought that I would only find these in one of the most popular beaches here like Boracay or Palawan. 48 more words


What are you Thankful for..?

That is a question that someone could be asked daily. But how much do we really sit and count our blessing and the things that we should always be thankful for? 408 more words

Sun Hands by Local Natives

I was looking at someone’s profile on OkCupid and his favourite band was Local Natives. I had to put this song as soon as possible. I don’t actually remember where I was in my life when I was listening to this song, but I remember the long contemplative conversations and thoughts I had around this time period. 106 more words

God of Abraham

This last couple days I was thinking a lot about that we serve the same God as Abraham did. That God is still the same as he was in the old testament. 155 more words