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Mike Siegel still doesn't understand what is wrong with his study "plan"

I would have left this alone if he did. I heartily recommended he do so. ¬†Alas…

The story is here and in the above link of how Mike Siegel: 5,249 more words


Day 16: Downsides of Codeine and Iron tablets

I took another 30mg of Codeine Phosphate last night but I didn’t conk out as satisfactorily as the previous night and the pain, although much less acute, continues to pulse and annoy around the edges. 199 more words

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Day 15: Knee pain better; coding for crutch-users

I took 30 mg of Codeine Phosphate last night at 9 pm and had a good 7 hrs sleep for the first time since the operation. 218 more words

Joint Replacement

Day 14: New approach to the knee pain

The throbbing pain in my left knee seemed to get much worse last night when I lay down, and it hurt both when I was lying on my back and on my side. 420 more words

Joint Replacement

Day 12-13: The scar and what to do about it

Today, after my shower, I notice the tape over the wound is beginning to come away so I peel it off quickly. The actual scar looks healthy, although quite puckered and bulgy, like the seams on a hand-made doll. 507 more words

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Day 11: Continuing knee pain; first outing to the pub; zip wire future challenge

Nights are still difficult. Lying on my left (operated side) is an impossibility, especially now the dressing has gone. And my right side, even with a pillow between my knees like in the old days, is uncomfortable for more that a couple of minutes at a time. 409 more words

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Day 10: Off with the dressing but what to wear?

My dressing is beginning to irritate, a sure sign that it’s time to come off.¬† After my shower, I gently peel off the ‘smoked mackerel-like’ pad. 278 more words

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