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New additions

More added to the page announced yesterday, these are finer. There will be more to come over the next few days, maybe even later today.

Sassa Lynne

mary's quilt

First of all : Happy Easter to all.

I have enjoyed the extended weekend (Friday and Monday are holidays here) and did some quilting for Mary. 142 more words


The Feel Of It

Texture!  I love seeing something that makes me want to go touch it.  You know what I’m talking about, the sweet softness of a baby or a puppy, the roughness of broken rocks, the smoothness of marble. 75 more words


LDS Lacemaker: Faith, Heritage and Art

I’ve recently been working on making lace altar cloths for the Los Angeles Temple. In doing that work, I’ve realized how needed it is. I am starting a new blog, … 112 more words



Five small skeins of perle – various colours available. The first few newly listed here. Want to ask a question? Use the form below. 14 more words

Sassa Lynne

Service vs Thread —— 牛头不对马嘴的比较

1. 令人困惑的后台任务

我们刚刚接触 android 开发的时候不免困惑于 Service 和 Thread 的区别,确切的说是 Local Service 和 Thread 的区别,因为 Remote Service 完成 IPC 的工作,让跨进程通信变得更加方便,这个很好理解,我们主要是理清 Local Service 和 Thread 之间的区别。

Android 对 Service 的官方定义是: 257 more words


Nebulae - 13 (frozen) - by Kristina Fjellman

Nebulae – 2011 – Joan Mondale Gallery at the MN Textile Center. Frozen. Steel wire, fabric, paper, and thread. After the installation, and many circles, I started to explore what angular shapes might look like in my work, and this was what came out of that.

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