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Craft Project Update 1

Movin’ like a slug! That is, where my needlecraft project is concerned.  Sigh!  I had wanted to finish this by January 2 as ambitiously stated ages ago in… 103 more words


[December 19th] Letter Pillows

We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas and it’s about time to get the last presents. Here’s an idea :

Letter Pillows

A little knowlegde in working with textiles helps but is not necessary. 200 more words

Can't It Be Christmas Already?

Rudolph by Dotti Dauter

“Rudolph” xmas card  by Dotti Dauter 2014
stitched paper & felt, I love his fuzzy red nose!

It's Crow Time

Worthy Thread

This is an exercise that Carpedium (old member) asked me to do when I was having feelings of worthlessness. It s pretty difficult if you are in the thick of PTSD symptoms and a pretty good indicator of healthy/unhealthy thinking toward yourself. 52 more words

Application Torque - Thread Inserts for Plastics

It is not always possible to apply the same tightening torque to a plastic assembly as a metallic one. Often there are good reasons why it might be required to but the majority of plastics are relatively weak and all suffer from creep to a greater or lesser degree. 552 more words


Kwik sew 3604 part 1.

I did the usual when I start a pattern. I cut it out or trace it, in this case I traced it. I have done this enough times that I don’t always need a picture. 81 more words


Random Number Generator provider abstract class

I had a need to support multiple hardware random number generators (RNG) in a project. I started with an RngProvider abstract class. This class defines the functionality that will be the same and defines a method that will contain the functionality that is unique per RNG. 627 more words