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A Thread

There must be something
every sweater has one
why not life.
A simple dangling thread
that has defined whats next
these things aren’t accidents
I can’t believe that anymore… 122 more words

Humorous Poems

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat...

Recently, I have been working with mixed media textiles by diffusing plastic bags and working over it with thread. I like the concept of reusing materials and recycling using textiles. 8 more words


The Coffee Rant Thread

After our recent off-topic foray based on the Starbucks donation, and the long conversation I had with a few vets today about the difference between lubber coffee and Navy coffee, I figured it is time to share my favorite coffee rants. 37 more words

Cannot Post A Thread - Error Message

I keep getting the following message, what do I need to do? The following error occurred: Anti-Spam prevention. Sorry, but your post count does not meet our minimum requirements to post links. 12 more words

Trying To Post Thread, Error Saying Email Not Allowed (not Using Email)???

I am trying to post a thread to PTSD Relationships but keep getting an error message saying that it does not meet minimum requirements and that “Email” addresses not allowed. 26 more words

Combat Ptsd And Violence

@Larksong said the following in another thread: the effect of media sensationalism of PTSD “is to stigmatize not only veterans with PTSD, but all PTSD sufferers, as being potentially dangerous.” They also write, “Simply put, PTSD is fear based, not aggression based.The DSM-IV-R (Diagnostic Statistical Manual, Revised) is clear.” Got me thinking and rather than hijack that thread I thought I would start another. 20 more words